Sweet Cheela Recipe

Sweet Cheela Recipe

Sweet Cheela Recipe

Sweet Cheela is an extraordinary nibble choice and a wonderful breakfast as well. The fundamental fixings used to make this North Indian Cuisine are squashed jaggery and wheat flour.

Sweet Cheela

Sweet Cheela Recipe

This is a sound vegan recipe as wheat flour is wealthy in carbs and jaggery is wealthy in sucrose. This is a simple to-make recipe and would be savored by grown-ups and kids the same.

You can serve it for breakfast or as a nibble with tea during get-together. Attempt this recipe!

Elements of Sweet Cheela

400 gm wheat flour
refined oil as required
135 gm powdered jaggery
3 cup water

Instructions to make Sweet Cheela

Stage 1

Put jaggery in a container with 3 cup water and let it bubble. When the jaggery breaks down totally, let it cook for some time on low fire. Switch off the fire and let it cool.

Stage 2

When the jaggery chills off, strainer it. Keep it to the side in a different bowl.

Stage 3

Strainer the flour in a bowl. Put the sieved jaggery water into the flour and blend well. Ensure that no irregularities are framed in the player.

Stage 4

Keep the consistency of the player slender. Pour some more water, whenever required. Pass on the hitter for 15-20 minutes to set.

Stage 5

Place a dish over medium fire, pour 2-3 drops of oil on the container and afterward wipe it with a material. Take 1 tablespoon of player and spread it on the container making a circle of 10-12 inches.

Stage 6

Add 2 teaspoon oil on the cheela, and let it cook on low fire. When the upper surface becomes a striking shade of brown and the lower surface becomes light brown in variety, flip the cheela.

Stage 7

Once the cheela is cooked from both the sides, keep it over a napkin spread on the plate. Serve hot.

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