Strong and Healthy Katti Paniyaram Recipe

Strong and Healthy Katti Paniyaram Recipe

katti Paniyaram Recipe

Strong and Healthy Katti Paniyaram Recipe. Paniyaram or paddu is a bite which is ready by steaming player comprising of lentils and rice.

Katti Paniyaram formula is a lip smacking bite which begins from Southern India.

This luscious formula is ready with four fundamental fixings: toor daal, rice, split dark gram and ground coconut.

Strong and Healthy Katti Paniyaram Recipe

This delightful dish can be served on upbeat events like pot fates, kitty gatherings, and father’s day.

You can likewise set it up for your lunch boxes and convey it to work.

It is additionally great for an end of the week breakfast. Your children couldn’t want anything more than to have this delectable nibble without a doubt.

Attempt this astounding formula and relish it with your friends and family!

How to make Katti Paniyaram

Stage 1

Wash the rice and absorb it enough water in a bowl for 15 minutes.

Wash and absorb dark gram one more bowl for 20-25 minutes.

Wash and drench toor daal in one more bowl for 5 minutes. Grind jaggery and drudgery green cardamom seeds.

Stage 2

In a processor, add toor daal, dark gram dal, rice and fenugreek seeds with 1/2 cup of water.

Crush them into a smooth glue and move it to a bowl.

Stage 3

Over medium fire, place a container and hotness jaggery until it softens totally.

Blend it in the dal-rice glue.

Add ground coconut, cardamom powder, salt and baking powder to the blend.

Stage 4

Oil paniyaram container and hotness it.

Pour the player in the molds and turn the fire to high. When the base is caramelized, flip it and cook the opposite side with 2 drops of ghee.

When both the sides are very much cooked, its fit to be served! Relish its heavenly flavors with your precious ones.

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