Stare Rainbow Sandwich Recipe

Stare Rainbow Sandwich Recipe

Stare Rainbow Sandwich Recipe. Add a fascinating turn to the standard, worn out sandwiches that you have been eating since ages and attempt this bright yet scrumptious sandwich formula.

Commonly known as Rainbow Sandwich, it has three brilliant layers that will draw in any child who is fastidious about eating veggies.

Rainbow Sandwich

Stare Rainbow Sandwich Recipe

Kids love to eat beautiful dishes and we are certain, this sandwich formula looks as astounding as it tastes.

In this sandwich, the main layer is made with the assistance of squashed spinach and mint chutney, the subsequent purple layer is made of beetroot while the third layer is made of salsa sauce stacked with cream cheddar.

Every one of the veggies used to make this sandwich are super-solid and will give a ton of nourishment to your children.

Presumably, the sandwich is a delectable blend of different flavors which makes certain to make you go goodness!

This simple to-make Continental formula is a well-suited dish for little social affairs and gatherings.

Additionally, you can make it more sound and vivid by choosing veggies that are high in sustenance like corns, tomato, carrot, yam, and so forth Pack them for lunch or in any event, for picnics or excursion, you’ve been arranging with your loved ones for some time now. Appreciate!

How to make Rainbow Sandwich

Stage 1

In any case the formula, first take a medium estimated bowl and set up the green chutney by blending the mayonnaise,spinach, mint chutney alongside the squashed peppercorns.

Blend it well and keep it to the side.

Stage 2

In the following stage, take another bowl and blend the grateed beetroot alongside mayonnaise,black pepper and salt.

Add some ketchup if necessary and blend every one of the fixings well. Keep the red glue to the side.

Stage 3

Presently, to set up the red glue, take a bowl and add the salsa sauce alongside mayonnaise .

Sprinkle the necessary measure of salt and blend every one of the fixings well.

Stage 4

Presently, begin spreading the red, green and yellow glue in each divided bread cut.

Heap it on one another and afterward cover it with a plain bread cut.

Stare Rainbow Sandwich Recipe

Stage 5

Cut the edges of the sandwiches and embellish it as you like. Serve new and appreciate.

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