Juicy Oatmeal Recipe

Juicy Oatmeal Recipe

Juicy Oatmeal Recipe. In this contemporary time, everybody is attempting to beat the odds.

Some of the time, the race is feverish to such an extent that we frequently avoid our dinners, which can negatively affect our wellbeing.

Juicy oats

Juicy Oatmeal Recipe

Along these lines, to use your time and energy better, we present Overnight Oatmeal which is a morning meal formula that you can set up a night prior.

Stacked with the integrity of blueberries, raspberries and cereal, this solid formula will save you from the difficulty of racing through your morning meal.

Go ahead and add any nuts of your inclination to lift the kinds of this dish.

Along these lines, make a gander at the strides beneath and lets get cooking!

How to make Overnight Oatmeal

Stage 1

In the first place, wash and clean the blueberries under running water and keep them to the side until required once more.

Stage 2

Then, take a cooker, put it on low fire and add oats followed by blueberries, cranberries, pecan, water and salt Mix well.

Stage 3

Cover the cooker with a top and permit the blend to be cooked until it becomes velvety in consistency.

Juicy Oatmeal Recipe

Stage 4

Then move the combination into a serving bowl and put it in the fridge. Serve new toward the beginning of the day!

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