Sprout Matki Nutrition Sandwich Recipe

Sprout Matki Nutrition Sandwich Recipe

Sprout Matki Nutition Sandwich Recipe. Assuming you are searching for a sandwich that is scrumptious as well as nutritious, here is a formula that you couldn’t imagine anything better than to make.

This sandwich formula utilizes moth sprouts, which are generally known as matki usal sprouts.

Sprout Matki Nutrition Sandwich Recipe

Nutrition Sandwich

This is an optimal sandwich formula for breakfast as well as tiffin.

All you really want is: White bread, ketchup, matki sprouts, tomato, onion and capsicum alongside cumin powder.

This is a simple to-make sandwich formula that you can plan for end of the week early lunches.

Along these lines, stand by no longer and attempt this scrumptious dish for your children and appreciate!

How to make Sprout Matki Sandwich

Stage 1

To set up this tasty sandwich formula, wash capsicum and tomato and keep to the side.

Finely slash them in discrete dishes.

Strip the onion and finely slash it also.

Wash the matki fledglings and keep to the side in one more bowl until required.

Stage 2

Take a white bread and apply pureed tomatoes/ketchup on it equally.

Take two other bread cut and apply ketchup on them also.

Sprout Matki Nutrition Sandwich Recipe

Stage 3

Then, at that point, spread every one of the vegetables (capsicum, tomato, onion) on the above breads.

Then, sprinkle a little cumin powder alongside salt and put different breads on these ones, shutting them.

Presently, utilizing a sandwich shaper, cut the canvassed slices of bread in the triangle shape.

Serve new with ketchup or green chutney. Appreciate!

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