Quinoa Power Porridge Recipe

Quinoa Power Porridge Recipe

Quinoa Power Porridge Recipe. In the event that you are somebody who is infatuated with quinoa, you would clearly adore this porridge.

This is a simple to-make porridge formula, which is very delectable and can be made with only a couple of fixings.

Quinoa Power

Quinoa Power Porridge Recipe

This porridge is an incredible decision for the people who are vegetarian, as its made utilizing almond milk.

All you really want is to heat up the almond milk with quinoa pieces and a few flavors, and your porridge will be prepared shortly.

Loaded with supplements, this formula is great for all the wellbeing monstrosities and can be appreciated in breakfast also.

This is a low-calorie feast that you can likewise have in your supper.

Feel free to attempt this basic formula with your friends and family this end of the week and watch them go briefly round!

How to make Quinoa Porridge

Stage 1 Boil almond milk with quinoa chips and flavors

Place a dish over medium fire and add almond milk to it.

Allow it to reach boiling point and afterward add in the quinoa pieces in it.

Continue to mix it to stay away from protuberances.

When it comes to another bubble, add cinnamon powder, vanilla concentrate, nutmeg powder, ginger alongside the slashed prunes and blend it well.

Stage 2 Simmer for 5 minutes and serve warm

Quinoa Power Porridge Recipe

Allow the combination to turn out to be thick in consistency and continue to mix it. When done, let it cool down and move in a little bowl.

Serve it warm and top it up with apple cuts and blueberries to appreciate!

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