Spicy Masala Chips Recipe

Spicy Masala Chips Recipe

Spicy Masala Chips Recipe. Masala Chips is another creation that will take your breath away. It very closely resembles french fries yet it’s really potato chips formed like fries, threw in your #1 flavors. It has a desi chatpata taste to it. An ideal dish for your film evenings or your evening nibble. The planning is quite simple so you don’t need to be a specialist in cooking to make these lip-smacking Masala Chips.

Spicy Masala Chips Recipe'

Masala Chips

200 gm cut into strips,peeled,soaked potato
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
salt as required
1/4 cup vegetable oil
22 curry leaves
1/2 teaspoon dark pepper

Stage 1 Fry the potato chips
In a container/kadhai, heat oil and afterward add potato chips (cut into the state of fries) to it. Sear them until they become brilliant brown in variety. Ensure you channel the splashed potato chips and afterward add them to the kadhai. Once seared, move them to kitchen paper to eliminate the overabundance oil.

Stage 2 Fry the curry leaves
Presently, to the equivalent kadhai, add curry leaves and sear them for around 15-20 sec. Once done, switch off the gas fire.

Stage 3 Toss every one of the fixings together
In a bowl, add fries, curry leaves, salt, dark pepper, and cumin powder. Throw them together.

Stage 4 Your Masala Chips are prepared
Once done, serve them rapidly. Your Masala Chips are prepared. You can have them all alone or serve them with a plunge.

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