Spicy Corn Quesadilla Recipe

Spicy Corn Quesadilla Recipe

Spicy Corn Quesadilla Recipe. Quesadilla is an exemplary Mexican dish that is adored by individuals around the world.

Hot Beans Quesadilla is a simple to-make quesadilla formula which is simplified utilizing fixings which are effectively accessible to you, for example, tortillas, red stew sauce, prepared beans, and cheddar.

Spicy Corn Quesadilla Recipe

Spicy Corn

This fiery formula will be a treat as you would prefer buds. Go ahead and serve this yummy formula with any beverage of your decision.

To take care of your youngster to a delightful blowout, then, at that point, this dish will be an incredible choice.

Serve it during events, for example, kitty gatherings or game evenings and continue to take everybody’s commendations that you will get without a doubt.

In the event that you honestly love Mexican arrangements, this formula will become one of your top picks. So make a gander at the strides and begin!

How to make Spicy Beans Quesadilla

Stage 1 Prepare the stuffing

Utilizing a perfect grater, grind the cheddar shapes and keep them to the side until required once more.

In a blending bowl add prepared beans followed by ground cheddar, red stew sauce and salt. Blend well.

Stage 2 Fill the stuffing

Lay tortilla on a perfect surface (or plate) and equally spread the pre-arranged combination on it. Once done, overlap the tortilla and secure its edges.

Spicy Corn Quesadilla Recipe

Stage 3 Bake and serve

Put a non-stick skillet on medium fire and add refined oil in it. Put the pre-arranged quesadilla on the endlessly sauté from both the sides briefly.

Rehash a similar advance with the other tortilla. Serve hot!

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