South Indian Rice Payasam Recipe

South Indian Rice Payasam Recipe

South Indian Rice Payasam Recipe. No celebration is finished without desserts and assuming there is one thing that is ready the nation over, it’s kheer, which is known as payasam in Southern India.

Rice Payasam

South Indian Rice Payasam Recipe

With the celebration of Ram Navami here, the least demanding recipe of Rice Payasam is here.

Rice Payasam, usually otherwise called Rice Kheer, is a sweet dish served in the majority of the Indian families.

It is one thing which is served practically constantly on any celebration.

It is a fundamental sweet dish on celebrations like Diwali, Karwachauth, Rakshabandhan, Holi and Ram Navami.

It is made with bubbled rice and sugar, for which then again, even jaggery can be utilized! Payasam is made with milk, which is viewed as Amrit among Indian colleagues.

The unique significance of milk traces all the way back to the Hindu folklore period.

This includes, the awe-inspiring episode of the Hindu way of thinking called the Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Ocean of milk), described in the Bhagwatha Puranas, Vishnu Purana and even Mahabharata.

It makes sense of how milk is considered as the most hallowed drink, likewise called the Amrit or the beverage of eternality!

As it turns out, the goddess ‘Kamdhenu’ additionally uncovered herself as a ‘wish-allowing cow’, that is today extremely consecrated to Hindu society alongside being the primary carrier of the undying nectar, that is milk!

Hindus, subsequently, use milk in the greater part of the strict services to make it more favorable and holy, Payasam or Kheer is one of the most significant among them.

How to make Rice Payasam

Stage 1 Soak rice for thirty minutes

To set up this simple recipe, you really want to wash the rice under running water and afterward move it into a sifter, this will let all of the water utilized in washing channel.

Then take the rice and move it to a bowl loaded with new water and let it douse for around 30 minutes.

South Indian Rice Payasam Recipe

After the rice is drenched for the necessary time, utilize a sifter and channel the water once more and keep the rice in a dry bowl, until it is required once more!

Stage 2 Boil milk with sugar

From that point onward, take a heater and put it on medium fire and pour the milk and sugar in it.

Allow it to reach boiling point. In the mean time, cut a few almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashews alongside around 10 cardamoms and saffron.

Keep them to the side in independent dishes, until required.

Stage 3 Add rice to the bubbling milk

From that point onward, add the depleted rice to the bubbling milk and afterward let it cook until the rice grains turn adequately delicate.

Following a couple of moments add cardamom and saffron to the bubbling rice and milk blend and continue to mix it.

South Indian Rice Payasam Recipe

Stage 4 Cook until thick in consistency

Switch off the fire after the Payasam is a little thick in consistency and has a few flavor, fragrance and shade of saffron and cardamom to it.

Put it away. Immediately, take a skillet and add a ghee to it and dish the dry natural products in it.

Take out the dry leafy foods them on the Payasam, while it’s as yet hot.

Add a spot of saffron strands on top for improving it! Your Payasam is prepared to serve. You could consume it hot or cool, similarly as you like it!

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