Rice Coconut Payasam Recipe

Rice Coconut Payasam Recipe

Rice Coconut Payasam Recipe. Kheer (rice pudding) is a darling pastry in each Indian Household, and it’s interest arrives at high as can be particularly during merry seasons.

We have a recipe for Rice Coconut Kheer that puts some additional sorcery to the exemplary treat.

Rice Coconut Payasam

Rice Coconut Payasam Recipe

Arranged utilizing ground coconut, rice, almonds, cashews, milk and powdered jaggery, it will without a doubt slip into the hearts of your visitors and become their #1.

This treat is reasonable for individuals, everything being equal, and will overwhelm them generally with it’s lip-smacking flavors.

Serve this scrumptious deal with on events like the Navratri, celebrations like Holi and Diwali, or as a sweet dish after a lavish supper.

Really simple to make, this recipe just requires 30 minutes to make and will leave everybody hankering of a greater amount of the rich, smooth goodness.

Along these lines, assuming you are exhausted with the customary rice kheer, prepare to treat your taste buds with this flavorful pastry and how about we get cooking!

How to make Rice Coconut Kheer

Stage 1

To set up this delectable recipe, begin by absorbing the water for 60 minutes.

Channel the overabundance water and move it to a different bowl.

Then, take the almonds and the cashews and pound them into a bowl and keep to the side.

Stage 2

Presently, take a container over medium fire and heat up the milk in it.

Whenever the milk begins bubbling, turn the fire to medium and add jaggery, ground coconut, grounded cardamon and rice and mix it well.

Turn the fire to low and permit the blend to cook till it turns thick and rich.

Stage 3

Then, add the squashed almonds and cashews to the milk and mix it well.

Turn the fire to medium once more and turn it off when the combination seems to get thick.

Rice Coconut Payasam Recipe

Stage 4

Move the kheer to a serving bowl and trimming it with almonds and cashews. Serve and partake in the delectable sweet.

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