Sooji Halwa Recipe

Sooji Halwa Recipe

Sooji Halwa Recipe. Hankering for a liberal yet simple formula to satisfy your taste buds? Then this delectable Sooji Halwa is the ideal thing to go for! This exemplary Indian sweet is additionally a well known piece of the Ram Navami festivity. It is a simple and delectable formula enjoyed by kids as well as grown-ups.

This Indian sweet delicacy is extremely well known and is ready for pretty much every celebration and event. There are a few varieties of this dish and each locale in India has an interesting approach to making this dish. Arranged utilizing sooji, sugar, ghee, green cardamom and decorated with almond, this simple formula makes for a pleasant evening nibble or can likewise be savored after an intricate feast as a sweet.

Sooji Halwa Recipe

Truth be told, Sooji Halwa is an indistinguishable piece of Indian culinary legacy as it is presented as a prasad to gods during a few celebrations and pujas are inadequate without this sweet delicacy. Suji is a rich wellspring of potassium, iron and protein and helps in decreasing heart illnesses. Along these lines, set up this simple halwa for your loved ones and fill your pocket with their commendations.

Elements for making Sooji Halwa Recipe

2 cup semolina
1 cup ghee
water as required
2 cup sugar
1/2 tablespoon powdered green cardamom
For Garnishing
1 tablespoon cleaved almonds

Sooji Halwa Recipe

Instructions to make Sooji Halwa Recipe

Stage 1 Cook sooji in ghee
To begin making this formula, keep a dish on a low fire add ghee to it. At the point when ghee softens totally, add sooji and broil until it becomes light brown in variety.

Stage 2 Prepare sugar syrup
In the interim, heat one more container over low hotness. Add water to it and let it bubble. At the point when it begins bubbling add sugar and mix well.

Stage 3 Mix sooji and sugar syrup and enhancement with dry natural products
Whenever semolina (sooji) becomes light brown, add green cardamom powder and sugar answer for it. Mix well until sooji consolidates with the combination. Finally, decorate it with almonds and serve hot.

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