Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice Recipe

Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice Recipe

Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice Recipe. Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice recipe is a fascinating combination of salmon fish with curd rice. This simple to-make combination recipe will satisfy your craving and will doubtlessly give your mouth a tongue contort.

Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice Recipe

It is made with barbecued fish filets threw in curd and presented with some crisp pureed tomatoes, making this a should pursue all the fiery food darlings. Salmon fish is a rich wellspring of proteins and energy which makes it a solid recipe.

It is an ideal principal dish recipe which can be savored on a few events like commemorations, gatherings, social occasions and parties. You can serve it to your visitors on any such cheerful event and assemble all the praise for your culinary abilities. Along these lines, attempt this non-veggie lover recipe at home and appreciate it with your friends and family!

Elements of Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice

4 Servings
100 gm salmon fish
70 gm hung curd
20 gm cucumber
10 gm crude mango
3 gm urad dal

1 small bunch curry leaves
5 ml tomato stew sauce
1/4 teaspoon sugar
90 gm basmati rice
15 gm onion
5 gm ginger
10 gm coriander leaves
2 gm dark mustard seeds

15 ml vegetable oil
salt as required

For Garnishing
dry red stew as required

For The Main Dish
2 gm dry red stew

Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice Recipe

The most effective method to make Smoked Salmon with Curd Rice

Stage 1
Wash the rice completely to eliminate any husk or soil and afterward bubble it with required measure of water. In a bowl, blend cooked rice and hung curd alongside hacked onion, cucumber, ginger, crude mango, coriander and dry red stew. Add sugar and salt as required and blend appropriately with the fixings.

Stage 2
Heat oil in a container and afterward add urad dal, mustard seeds and permit them to snap. Add curry leaves, saute for 5-10 seconds and keep to the side. Add the sauteed curry leaves and mustard seeds into the rice blend. Keep the blend refrigerated for 60 minutes.

Stage 3
Place the smoked salmon cuts onto the shushi mats. With wet hands, structure a barrel shaped combination of rice. Spread the rice blend onto the salmon, leaving the boundary at the top and base. Lift the edge of the mat and roll the filling. Roll totally and press delicately. Cut the roll into equivalent pieces and enhancement with seared dry red cold. Serve cold with tart pureed tomatoes and appreciate!

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