Simple Mini Mexican Platter

Simple Mini Mexican Platter

Simple Mini Mexican Platter.Assemble a scrumptious Mexican platter in only mins. This little fiesta includes taquitos, mini-quesadillas, salsas and sparkling fruit, perfect for a easy, own family meal or a meeting of pals.

Thanks to the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) for making this Mexican fiesta platter post feasible. My comments, evaluations, and love for exploring and making ready flavorful, clean, actual, circle of relatives food are my own!

As you understand, I revel in cooking at home. I’m continually amazed on the type of dishes I can give you by using exploring the shelves of my refrigerator, freezer and pantry on a normal basis. Having stated that, from time to time, having somebody else prepare dinner for me rocks, too.Mini Mexican Platter

This Mexican platter is an ideal example of that. I let José Olé prepare dinner for me this time, and it changed into delicious.

Simple Mini Mexican Platter
Simple Mini Mexican Platter

Simple Mini Mexican Platter

Mexican platter with taquitos dorados, fruit and salsa
What is on a Mexican Platter
Mexican meals platters usually carry lower back glad memories of my lifestyles in Mexico. My family would put them collectively regularly, specially for those big, Sunday, own family gatherings. My husband and I truely selected platters much like these for appetizers at our wedding.

Super smooth to bring together, platters always appearance splendid, and I find it a completely smooth way to feed the family . Plus, finger ingredients simply make a meal fun to consume, simply ask my youngsters.

For us, a platter has to consist of antojitos Mexicanos, our Spanish phrase for Mexican street foods like tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, sopes, empanadas, amongst many others, together with all of the fixings.Mini Mexican Platter

We additionally want to consist of end result and vegetables, constantly striving for a balanced, colourful meal.

Mini-quesadillas and taquitos, made with each corn and flour tortillas, served as the primary ingredients for the 2 platters. Making this many antojitos from scratch might have taken me hours, so this time I allowed the professional chefs at José Olé to carry all the crunch and taste directly to my table, saving me lots of valuable time.

Jose Ole taquitos on a platter with salsa and fruit
For me, frozen foods usually offer a fantastic cost, not just due to the fact they help me carry fast and delicious ingredients to the table, but they come in handy portioned meals that depart not anything to waste.

These taquitos and mini-quesadillas flawlessly illustrate what I imply. Just hold them on your freezer and take out just what you need to your circle of relatives. It’s that easy.

These Mexican Platters encompass:

José Olé Fiesta-Minis Variety Pack (very convenient as it combines sorts of taquitos at the side of quesadillas) and one field of José Olé Taquitos Chicken & Cheese in flour tortillas. Feel loose to use any José Olé fabricated from your desire, there are heaps of them.

Salsas: I made green salsa and pink salsa. If you need extra choices, attempt my avocado salsa, % de gallo salsa, or my conventional guacamole.

I used 1 mango, 1 small pineapple, ½ cantaloupe, ¼ watermelon and two oranges, however again feel loose to explore and add any fruit of your choice.

Chile powder of your preference, we love Tajin.
Veggies, like bell peppers, carrots, and cherry tomatoes.
Lettuce for adorning

Preheat oven and bake the taquitos and quesadillas in keeping with the commands on the José Olé made from your choice.

While taquitos and quesadillas are inside the oven, peel and slice the fruit. Make and pour salsas in small bins and wash a few lettuce leaves.

Place lettuce leaves on one half of the platter, top with the taquitos, mini quesadillas and vegetables. Spread the sliced fruit on the other half of and sprinkle with chile powder. Place the salsa inside the center. Repeat with as many platters as you need and then serve.


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