Silvash Gombotz Recipe

Silvash Gombotz Recipe

Silvash Gombotz Recipe. Silvash Gombotz is a must-attempt Hungarian treat formula. The delicate mixture frames a pillowy ball around gently improved plums. these are not difficult to-make and a scrumptious plum dumpling formula.

Silvash Gombotz Recipe

Elements of Silvash Gombotz

5 Servings
500 gm potato
100 gm flour
1 squeeze salt
1 egg
1 tablespoon sunflower oil
10 plums

Silvash Gombotz Recipe

Instructions to make Silvash Gombotz

Stage 1 Prepare a potato blend
Cook 500 grams of potatoes for an hour or until extremely delicate. Strip and pound utilizing a fork. Then, add an egg to the blend, 1 squeeze salt, 1 tbsp sunflower oil and 100 grams flour.

Stage 2 Roll the potato mixture out on a slight sheet
Massage the mixture appropriately and afterward carry it out into a meager sheet of around 4 mm thick, and cut into squares.

Stage 3 Wrap the plums in sheets
Put around 50% of a plum on each square. Wrap the loading up with the mixture and seal the edges.

Stage 4 Boil for 15 minutes and serve!
Cook in bubbling water for 15 minutes. Your Silvash Gombotz is prepared to present with bread morsels broiled in margarine.

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