Seared Vegetables Recipe

Seared Vegetables Recipe

Seared Vegetables Recipe. Seared Vegetables is a Chinese formula made with potatoes, red and yellow chime pepper, vinaigrette salad dressing and Parmesan cheddar. A lip-smacking side dish formula, this is a simple to-plan dish that you can appreciate close by toasted bread.

You can make this incredibly heavenly starter formula for kitty gatherings and game evenings, and appreciate with your friends and family. This yummy joy will be cherished by individuals of any age, children and grown-ups the same. Do attempt this formula, rate it and let us in on how it ended up being.

Seared Vegetables Recipe

Elements of Pan Fried Vegetables Recipe

2 Servings
220 gm potato
1 teaspoon dark pepper
salt as required
15 ml virgin olive oil

For Dressing
30 ml vinaigrette salad dressing
For Garnishing
15 gm parmesan cheddar

For The Main Dish
70 gm red peppers
70 gm onion
70 gm yellow pepper

Seared Vegetables Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Pan Fried Vegetables Recipe

Stage 1 Prepare the veggies
Initially, wash the potatoes and put them in a tension cooker. Empty water into the cooker and heat up the potatoes. Once bubbled, place them over a hacking board and dice them. Additionally dice onions, yellow chime pepper, red ringer pepper.

Stage 2 Stir fry the veggies
Then, place a non-stick skillet over medium fire and add oil to it. When the oil is warmed, add bubbled and diced potatoes, red and yellow ringer pepper alongside onions in the skillet. Pan sear them for 4-5 minutes until fresh and cooked from inside.

Stage 3 Adjust the flavors
Yet again now add salt and dark pepper to the veggies and mix. Change the flavoring according as you would prefer. Then, take out the vegetables onto a plate and pour vinaigrette salad dressing. Throw every one of the fixings well. Grind Parmesan cheddar and enhancement the cooked vegetables. Serve right away.

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