Scrumptious dish which entice your taste buds

Scrumptious dish which entice your taste buds

Scrumptious dish which entice your taste buds. Make your end of the week seriously fascinating by taking a shot at finger-licking recipes recommended by Pavithra. N. Raj, Chief Dietician, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur. Partake in your end of the week!

Scrumptious dish which entice your taste buds

1: Spiced yams


Take cup oil

1 teaspoon of fennel, cumin, fenugreek and mustard seeds

1 dried red bean stew

2 yams, stripped and cut

teaspoon turmeric

Salt to taste


You ought to warm the oil in medium dish.

Add fennel, cumin, fenugreek and mustard seeds and cover it with the top until they pop.

You ought to add dried chillies and cook.

Add the yams, cook and mix.

Add turmeric and season with salt. Cover and cook until the yams become brown.


Scrumptious dish which entice your taste buds

Why you ought to decide on this recipe?

Yams are stacked with fiber and potassium and can assist you with managing stoppage, they cut down your gamble of heart sicknesses and further develop your general prosperity.

They contain beta-carotene and can assist you with keeping prostate malignant growth under control.

2: Spiced millet stew with onions


1 cup millet

3 tablespoons oil

teaspoon cumin seeds

3 medium onions, finely hacked

1 tablespoon minced garlic

3 cups water

1 cup plain entire milk yogurt

2 teaspoons ground coriander

teaspoon turmeric

teaspoon squashed red pepper


1 green stew, cultivated and hacked

Hacked coriander


You ought to toast the millet in a huge dish. Then, at that point, move to an enormous plate to cool.

In a huge pot, heat the vegetable oil and add cumin seeds and toast them.

Add onions and cook. You ought to mix infrequently. Add garlic and cook until it becomes brown.

Add millet and water and bubble.

Cook until millet becomes delicate.

Mix in the yogurt, coriander, turmeric, squashed red pepper and salt and cook till it turns out to be thick.

You can move to a bowl, embellish it with bean stew and coriander and serve.

Why you ought to choose this recipe?

Millet is plentiful in supplements, nutrients and minerals, and can be gainful for your respiratory wellbeing, can assist you with reinforcing your resistance and muscles.

It contains fiber and can assist you with facilitating your processing.

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