Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe

Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe

Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe. Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe is significantly eaten on diets and vrat, in any case, what you have hardly any familiarity with this superfood is that it can likewise be utilized for making solid and tasty dishes. This formula is one such illustration of it and is really tasty in taste. Sago Moong Dal Khichdi is a simple to-make dish, which will be prepared quickly. All you really want is: sago (sabudana), potatoes, moong dal, squashed peanuts, salt and a little ghee.

Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe

Made with such effectively accessible fixings, this khichdi fulfills your appetite trail. This vegan formula is great for breakfast as well as early lunch, and is a sublime supper for single guys! Mixed in the wealth of peanuts and topped up with coriander leaves and squashed coconut, this solace food stands overpowering! This khichdi formula can be redone too and you can add your number one veggies like broccoli and even peas to emphasize the flavor of this dish.

All in all, what are you hanging tight for? Attempt this simple formula and appreciate with your friends and family!

Fixings to make Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe

1 cup sago
2 tablespoon squashed peanuts
2 hacked green stew
1 tablespoon ghee
water as required
1 bubbled potato
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
ocean salt as required
1/2 cup moong dal
For Garnishing
2 teaspoon hacked coriander leaves
2 teaspoon ground coconut

Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe

The most effective method to make Sabudana Moong Dal Recipe

Stage 1

Wash sago and moong dal with a lot of water to eliminate any husk or contaminations, channel well and absorb them water, short-term.

Stage 2

Put a medium estimated dish over medium fire and hotness a tablespoon of ghee in it. Whenever the ghee is adequately hot, add cumin seeds alongside finely cleaved green chilies in it and saute for a couple of moments. Cut the bubbled potato into little pieces and add them to the dish, blend well.

Stage 3

Then, at that point, add splashed sago, moong dal and squashed nut powder into the dish and mix. Then, add ocean salt as required and cook until moong dal and sago turn delicate. Embellish it with hacked coriander and squashed coconut. Serve the dish hot! (Discretionary: You can put a teaspoon of ghee over the dish for more taste.)

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