Rich Potato Broccoli Soup Recipe

Rich Potato Broccoli Soup Recipe

Rich Potato Broccoli Soup Recipe. Rich Potato Broccoli Soup is a genuinely heavenly and an enticing tidbit formula that you can make for your loved ones in winters and rainstorm. Rich Potato Broccoli Soup ideal method for beginning your 3 or 5 course feast, Rich Potato Broccoli Soup formula will be cherished by all! Ready with broccoli, bubbled potatoes, garlic, low fat milk, onion, and low fat mozzarella cheddar, Rich Potato Broccoli Soup Continental formula can be made under 30 minutes!

Rich Potato Broccoli Soup

2 cup broccoli
2 onion
salt as required
refined oil as required
water as required
2 bubbled potato
10 cloves minced garlic
dark pepper as required
1/2 cup low fat milk

Rich Potato Broccoli Soup Recipe

Stage 1 Wash the veggies and cleave them well
In any case, wash broccoli under running water and hack the florets finely in an enormous bowl, keep it to the side. Then, strip the bubbled potatoes and cut them into solid shapes in another bowl. Then, at that point, strip the onions and finely cleave them too in a different bowl.

Stage 2 Saute the vegetables
Put a skillet on medium fire and hotness oil in it. Add the finely slashed onion and garlic in the oil and saute them. Yet again now, add hacked broccoli, potatoes, and salt according as you would prefer and saute in the search for gold 2 minutes.

Stage 3 Cook on medium fire
At last, add the milk and cook the elements for another 2-5 minutes. Add the necessary water and heat it to the point of boiling. Allow the combination to cook till the broccoli becomes delicate.

Stage 4 Blend the vegetables
When the water has vanished, switch off the fire, and let the veggies cool at room temperature. When cool, put the veggies in a blender container and mix the combination to a smooth glue. A while later, put one more pan on medium fire and add some water in it.

Stage 5 Serve it!
When the water reaches boiling point, add the mixed blend in the container and mix periodically. Allow it to stew for 5 minutes and enhancement with mozzarella cheddar! Serve hot! (Note: You can add a delicate broccoli to add crunchiness to the soup.

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