Preparation Of Palak Mushroom Soup Recipe

Preparation Of Palak Mushroom Soup Recipe

Preparation Of Palak Mushroom Soup Recipe

On the off chance that steaming bowl of soup is what you love the most, Palak Mushroom soup is something you should attempt. An incredible blend of fixings, including sound greens, this soup works out in a good way for each dinner. Attempt it.

Palak Mushroom Soup

Preparation Of Palak Mushroom Soup Recipe

Elements of Palak Mushroom Soup

2 Servings
2 cup cleaved mushroom
3 cup water
1/2 teaspoon garlic
2 tablespoon mayonnaise
6 shapes paneer
1 bundle hacked spinach
1 onion
1 narrows leaf
1 shape spread
1 squeeze dark pepper
1 squeeze salt

Step by step instructions to make Palak Mushroom Soup

Stage 1

Wash spinach/palak with high temp water and afterward hack it.

Stage 2

Heat spread in a sauce dish on high fire and broil paneer in it. Take it out when it gets brown.

Stage 3

Subsequent to taking out the paneer, broil cove leaf for few moments.

Stage 4

While narrows leaf is being seared, add garlic and saute it for few moments on low fire.

Stage 5

Bubble mushroom independently. This will be added later to the soup. Presently, take onions and broil it. While the interaction is on, add slashed spinach.

Stage 6

Begin the blending system and add dark pepper and salt. Presently, add three cups of water and heat up the whole combination.

Stage 7

Whenever it is done, mix it pleasantly in a blender. The soup must be thick. Presently, add mushroom and paneer to it..

Stage 8

Heat it again for quite a while. Palak Mushroom Soup is prepared at this point. Add ground cheddar and top it pleasantly with some cream or mayonnaise. Serve hot.

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