How To Make A Paneer Ka Soola Recipe

How To Make A Paneer Ka Soola Recipe

How To Make A Paneer Ka Soola Recipe

Paneer Ka Soola is a heavenly starter formula that you can make for your visitors in kitty parties and social affairs. This paneer formula is incredibly simple to-make and can be eaten in any season.

Paneer Ka Soola

How To Make A Paneer Ka Soola Recipe

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Elements of Paneer Ka Soola

3 Servings
200 gm cut thick paneer
10 ml mustard oil
10 gm powdered deggi bean stew
10 gm new cream
8 gm margarine
4 gm salt
For Marination
40 gm hung curd
10 gm squashed to paste,grated parmesan cheddar
4 gm clove powder
5 gm garlic glue
5 gm cumin powder
10 gm squashed to glue cashews
10 gm onion glue
5 gm ginger glue
5 gm garam masala powder
For Garnishing
4 gm chaat masala
4 ml lemon juice
For The Main Dish
5 gm diced red peppers
5 gm diced yellow pepper

Instructions to make Paneer Ka Soola

Stage 1

To set up the marinade, take an enormous bowl and add hung curd, ginger and garlic glue, cheddar cashew glue, earthy colored onion glue, clove powder, red deggi mirch powder (5 grams), cumin powder, garam masala powder and mustard oil (5 ml).

Stage 2

Combine every one of the fixings as one and make a decent marinade. Presently cut the paneer into thick cuts or you can likewise dice them.

Stage 3

In a blending bowl, combine as one add the leftover mustard oil, red deggi mirch powder and salt. Add diced ringer peppers in this blend.

Stage 4

Presently put the marinated paneer and ringer pepper in stick, cooked in oven for around 7 to 10 minutes.

Stage 5

Embellish with chaat masala and lemon squeeze, and serve hot.

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