Potatoes and Curry Leaf Recipe

Potatoes and Curry Leaf Recipe

Potatoes and Curry Leaf Recipe. Potatoes with Yogurt and Curry Leaf is a North Indian recipe made involving potato in yogurt.

This side dish recipe is an extraordinary choice for events like commemorations and lunch parties.

Potatoes and Curry Leaf

Potatoes and Curry Leaf Recipe

Match it up with hot tawa chapatis and relish.

How to make Potatoes with Yogurt and Curry Leaf

Stage 1

In a profound skillet pour the mustard oil and let it heat.

Then, at that point, add mustard seeds along with dry red chillies.

Stand by till the mustard seeds begin to snap and the red chillies let out an impactful fragrance.

Stage 2

Further on, add the slashed onion and curry leaf to the container and mix till the onions become brilliant brown and the curry leaf fresh green.

Try not to allow the curry to leaf stay delicate and half-cooked.

It should be quite fresh to instigate the right flavor into the potato.

Stage 3

In the meantime, heat up the potatoes by adding a teaspoon of salt and dice them.

Go on by adding the diced potatoes to the container and mixing till appropriately cooked.

Then, at that point, add the red bean stew powder to the potatoes alongside salt as indicated by your taste, and mix further.

Stage 4

Potatoes and Curry Leaf Recipe

Whenever the potatoes are at last cooked, add new yogurt to it and throw it pleasantly.

Permit it to cook for a couple of additional minutes till the yogurt shapes a decent coat on the potatoes, changing its surface totally to a delicate smooth one.

Stage 5

Your dish is prepared to serve. It is best presented with quite hot dal and steamed rice.

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