Bread Stuffed Curd Vada Recipe

Bread Stuffed Curd Vada Recipe

Bread Stuffed Curd Vada Recipe. Exhausted of eating the standard dahi ?

Here is an imaginative bend to the recipe by adding bread and veggies to it.

Bread Stuffed Curd Vada Recipe

Attempt this simple recipe that can be served on any event.

How to make Bread Stuffed Dahi Vada

Stage 1

Heat up the potatoes in a strain cooker and crush them.

Stage 2

Cut carrots, French beans and bubble them independently alongside green peas.

Add the bubbled vegetables alongside ginger and bean stew glue, salt, garam masala and coriander to the potatoes and make into a blend.

Fold this blend into medium-sized balls.

Stage 3

Take a few water in a bowl and add salt to it.

Put a cut of bread into the water and promptly eliminate it.

Press it with both the hands and eliminate the overabundance water from the bread.

Bread Stuffed Curd Vada Recipe

Stage 4

Place the chunk of the potato blend in this pack it flawlessly.

You can now profound fry the balls in oil.

Stage 5

Whip the curd and pour it on the seared balls according to your inclination.

Top it with the sweet dates and tamarind chutney, red stew powder, cooked and ground cumin powder and salt.

Embellish it with coriander and serve.

Bread Stuffed Curd Vada Recipe

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