Potato And Paneer Cutlets

Potato And Paneer Cutlets

Potato And Paneer Cutlets.Crispy crunchy paneer, potato and walnut cutlets are easy to put together. Paneer cutlets are tender inside and crunchy out of doors. These make delicious vegetarian tea time snacks.Potato And Paneer Cutlets

Water paneer cutlets
It has a mouth-melting texture with a perfect crunch of corn kernels. Enjoy those crispy paneer cutlets with inexperienced chutney or your favored dip.Potato And Paneer Cutlets

We simply love Cutlets, kababs, patties and tikki. All of these make for tasty snacks. I even have shared pretty a few snack recipes already. Today I am sharing with you this tasty North Indian snack. You can name this a cutlet or tikki.Potato And Paneer Cutlets

The recipe for this paneer tikki could be very filling and wholesome. Paneer and walnuts in the cutlets maintain you full for a long term.Potato And Paneer Cutlets

Potato And Paneer Cutlets
Potato And Paneer Cutlets

Potato And Paneer Cutlets

A few basic pantry staples are required to make the maximum delicious paneer cutlet at domestic.

Potato: Boiled potatoes. Either mash them or grate them.

Walnuts: Crushed walnuts, almost powdered walnuts upload quite a few flavor and meaty texture to the cutlets.

Paneer (Cottage cheese): Grated paneer adds for the creamy cutlets that soften inside the mouth.

Arrowroot powder: For binding the cutlets. If you do not have arrowroot powder you can use either cornflour or rice flour.

Seasoning: Green Chilli, coriander leaves, Ginger, Salt, Red Chili Powder, coriander powder.

Oil: Mustard oil or vegetable oil to shallow fry.

You could make those cutlets in advance and freeze them in the freezer before frying. In the freezer, you may store them for up to 6 weeks. When inside the temper to eat take them out and fry them directly in hot oil or Air fry them. There is not any need to thaw them.

2 Potatoes medium-sized
one hundred gm Paneer
50 Gm Walnuts
¼ cup bread crumb
1 tablespoon arrowroot powder
1 tablespoon coriander leaves chopped
1 teaspoon inexperienced chilli chopped
1 teaspoon crimson chilli powder
1 teaspoon ginger grated
1 teaspoon coriander powder
Bread crumb for coating cutlets.

First, boil the potatoes. Either in a stress cooker, Instant pot or microwave.
Allow them to cool, peel them and grate them. I in most cases have boiled potatoes in my refrigerator as a part of meal prep. You can put together quite a few potato recipes with boiled potatoes.
Grate the paneer and hold it aside.

Powder Walnuts and preserve them aside.
Now in a blending bowl blend boiled grated potatoes, Grated paneer, beaten walnuts, sparkling bread crumbs, arrowroot powder, chopped cilantro, chopped green chillies, red chilli powder, salt, grated ginger, coriander powder.

Mix them properly and form them into round cutlets.
Coat these cutlets into bread crumbs and overwhelmed walnut aggregate.
Now shallow fry these cutlets in warm oil till golden brown from both facets.
Drain out of oil and serve with chutney and experience!
You can upload greens if you like. If you are using veggies, chop them finely.
If you don’t need to shallow fry you may bake them at 180 tiers celsius. You also can Air-fry if you wish to.
You can bypass chillies if you do no longer like them too spicy.
Tofu can be used in preference to Sugar: 2g


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