Potato and Corn Rolls Recipe

Potato and Corn Rolls Recipe

Potato and Corn Rolls Recipe. Potato and Corn Rolls is a simple to-make nibble formula. Made with a zesty combination of bubbled potatoes and sweet corn, this inviting formula is best presented with green chutney plunge. Attempt this basic formula.

Potato and Corn Rolls Recipe

Elements of Potato and Corn Rolls

6 Servings
1 cup water

For Filling
1 cup bubbled frozen sweet corn
2 tablespoon corn flour
1 teaspoon garam masala powder
2 tablespoon hacked coriander leaves
1 teaspoon chaat masala

1 cup boiled,mashed potato
2 teaspoon hacked green stew
2 teaspoon lemon juice
5 squeezes salt
1 teaspoon stew powder

For Dough
1/2 cup wheat flour
1 teaspoon refined oil
1/2 cup regular flour
2 squeezes salt

Potato and Corn Rolls Recipe

The most effective method to make Potato and Corn Rolls

Stage 1
Take a profound missing bowl and consolidate entire wheat flour, regular flour, salt and oil and ply into a delicate mixture utilizing sufficient water.

Stage 2
Partition the batter into 6 equivalent parcels and make roti out of them.

Stage 3
Heat a non-stick tava and cook the roti utilizing a little oil till brilliant spots show up on both the sides. Keep to the side.

Stage 4
Meanwhile consolidate all the filling fixings in a profound bowl and blend well.

Stage 5
Partition the blend into 6 equivalent parcels and add to the cooked rotis.

Stage 6
Heat a non-stick tava, oil it with oil and cook the rolls utilizing a little oil till they become brilliant brown in variety from both the sides.

Stage 7
Serve right away.

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