Post-COVID- 6 Best Yoga asanas to boost immunity

Post-COVID- 6 Best Yoga asanas to boost immunity

Post-COVID-Yoga asanas to boost immunity. 6 yoga asanas to reduce post-COVID hair fall. As the pandemic has contacted great many lives everywhere, the quantity of individuals who have experienced post-COVID-19 has likewise been on the ascent. Since COVID-19 is a contamination that influences our upper respiratory framework, fortifying the lungs is urgent for better recuperation post-COVID. This objective can undoubtedly be accomplished by rehearsing a few normal yoga asanas. The mix of yoga asanas and breathing procedures can assist with helping resistance and fortify the lungs.

How yoga assists with supporting insusceptibility

Taarika Dave, a Yoga master and holistic mentor shared a couple of asanas and pranayamas to help us through the recuperation post-COVID-19. She told how these straightforward strategies are gainful by invigorating the thymus organ, opening up the chest for better oxygen inflow and initiating the lymphatic framework for better waste of lymph. Become familiar with these basic asanas and pranayamas here:

Seated spinal wind

To do this asana, you want to plunk down with your back and neck straight and jaw corresponding to the ground and legs loosened up. Carry your right heel nearer to your right hip by collapsing the knees and wrap your leg with your left arm. Broaden your right arm despite your good faith and think back while breathing in profoundly. Get back to the underlying situation while breathing out. Rehash the interaction on the opposite side too.

Butterfly posture

Post-COVID- 6 bestYoga asanas to boost immunity
Butterfly posture

Plunk down on the floor and consolidate your heels by collapsing your knees. Carry your heels nearer to your crotch locale by interlocking your fingers and let the knees fall sideways. Shudder your knees all over permitting lymphatic course in your body. Assuming you face trouble doing this, you can even change the strategy by snatching your leg in your arms and influencing it nearer to your body. The two techniques are similarly successful.

Cobra posture

For this, you want to rests on your midsection, holding your legs along with toes pointing outwards and palms put on the floor next to your chest. Your elbows ought not touch the ground and ought to be near your middle. Gradually lift your head, chest and mid-region by unfurling your arms as you breathe in. Your body ought to make a curve. Tenderly return to the ground by breathing out. Rehash the cycle three to multiple times. If there should be an occurrence of a wrist injury, you can lay your lower arm on the ground and just lift your head.

Child’s posture

For this asana, stoop down so that your hips are set between your heels. Twist forward by extending your hands forward on the floor while breathing out. Your brow should contact the ground while you are in the posture. Return to the underlying situation by delicately uncurling your spine while you breathe in. Rehash the cycle a couple of times.

Anulom Vilom

Post-COVID- 6 Best Yoga asanas to boost immunity

This is an other nostril breathing procedure where you first need to plunk down with your legs collapsed inwards. Your back and neck ought to be straight and your jaw upstanding. Use your thumb and ring finger to hinder one nostril when you are breathing in or breathing out from the other. Breathe in from the right while obstructing the other and breathe out profoundly from the left while hindering the right one. Then, at that point, breathe in from the left while impeding the other and breathe out from the right while obstructing the left one. Rehash the cycle 15 to multiple times.

Surya Bhedan

This pranayama is likewise like the Anulom Vilom, where the main distinction is that inward breath is to be done from the right nostril and exhalation from the left. Use your thumb and ring finger to work with the interaction and rehash it 15 to multiple times. This assists with supporting your energy levels. If there should arise an occurrence of hyperacidity, practice the inverse by breathing in from the left and breathing out from the right.


For this, take your hands to your head and spot your thumb inside your ears, pointer on your eyelids, center finger on your nose, ring finger on your upper lip and little finger on your jaw. Breathe in profoundly and afterward breathe out while making a murmuring sound. This will make vibrations in your mind.

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