Pea and ham soup recipe

Pea and ham soup recipe

Pea and ham soup recipe . Pea and Ham is a famous piece of Nigerian Cuisine, but on the other hand is delighted in many regions of the planet. Pea and ham, is a simple to-make formula, which utilizations smoke ham, peas, potatoes, celery and a melange of flavors. Pea and ham is very provincial and good, and is generally delighted in winters due to it’s hotness creating properties.

Pea and ham soup recipe

Pea and ham

370 gm smoked ham ( pork)
1 medium hacked onion
1 medium carrot
750 ml chicken stock
1/2 teaspoon Worcestshire sauce
squashed nutmeg as required
white pepper powder as required
250 gm frozen peas
1 stem slashed celery

Stage 1
Most importantly, pressure cook the frozen peas with the water, until 3 whistles, so the peas are delicate and delicate. Keep the peas alongside the fluid to the side.

Stage 2
Then, in an enormous pan, heat oil on medium fire. Then add the hacked onions, slashed celery and cleaved carrots. Broil until the vegetables turn delicate.

Stage 3
Then add the smoked pork, alongside the chicken stock, potatoes and sound leaves, and heat it to the point of boiling. Then, at that point, turn the hotness to low and cover with a top. Allow it to stew for an hour and a half, until the pork is delicate.

Stage 4
In the event that there are bones in the pork, eliminate the pork pieces from the soup whenever they are cooked. Once more eliminate the bones and fat from it, and add the meat to the stewing soup. Additionally include the bubbled peas alongside the fluid in the pot.

Stage 5
Yet again cover with the top and stew for an additional 10 minutes. Prior to serving, add the salt, white pepper powder, squashed nutmeg and worcestshire sauce. Serve hot.

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