How To Make Sago Popcorn

How To Make Sago Popcorn

How To Make Sago Popcorn

Who says snacks can’t be solid? This Sago popcorn is here to satisfy your desire and unfavorable cravings for food. Ready with flavorfully solid sabudana, this guilty pleasure is something that can’t quit jumping into your mouth. This fasting formula can transform into a gala dish quickly and can likewise inspire the disposition of each festival.

Sago Popcorn

How To Make Sago Popcorn

Assuming you are fasting, you should not confine yourself from eating carbs, simply gorge onto this light, fresh and fun sago bite and give a delectable curve to your fasting good food sources. Ready by combining as one sago with pureed potatoes and a melange of rich mixed fragrant flavors, this seared bite will be the existence of every single party and occasions you serve it in.

An ideal formula for birthday celebrations, kitty parties, commemorations, pot fates and game evenings, you will figure out how to catch each essence with this popping extravagance and be the star of each party and capacities.

How To Make Sago Popcorn

Evaluate this simple formula of Sago popcorn with only a couple of easy advances and the easiest of the fixings, you can get that ideal taste which will transform your fasting food into devouring one. Serve this sound nibble to your loved ones and see them giving you appreciations and acclaims interminably. Utilize your phenomenal culinary abilities and get everything rolling with this delectable formula.

How To Make Sago Popcorn

Elements of Sago Popcorn

1 cup custard
1 tablespoon rice flour
1 teaspoon simmered cumin powder
2 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup semolina
refined oil as required
1/2 cup boiled,mashed potato
1 teaspoon green bean stew
1/2 tablespoon red bean stew powder
1 branch curry leaves
1/2 cup coriander leaves
salt as required

Step by step instructions to make Sago Popcorn

Stage 1 Prepare a mixture by blending sago, potatoes and different flavors

To begin setting up this scrumptious formula, preheat refined oil in profound skillet. In the in the interim, drench the custard pearls (sago) in water for around 30 to 40 minutes. Channel the overabundance water.

Take a huge blending bowl and join custard in with bubbled and pureed potatoes. To it, add rice flour, slashed green stew, curry leaves, bean stew powder, cumin powder, a tablespoon of sugar and coriander leaves and work it to make a batter.

Stage 2 Make sago balls, cover with semolina and sear

From this batter, take out a piece utilizing your hands and make little balls out of it. Cover these balls with semolina and broil them in the preheated oil until they get a brilliant earthy colored tone. Serve hot and new with any sort of plunge or chutney that you like.

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