Paul Sweet Paniyaram Recipe

Paul Sweet Paniyaram Recipe

Paul Sweet Paniyaram Recipe. Hankering a South Indian breakfast formula? Then this simple Sweet Paniyaram formula is ideally suited for you.

This simple sweet paniyaram formula is for every one of the people who love having south Indian breakfast plans. Prepared shortly, this sweet paniyaram formula can likewise be appreciated as an evening nibble with tea.

Paul Sweet Paniyaram

Paul Sweet Paniyaram Recipe

The paniyaram formula is ready in a ‘paniyaram dish’, which is explicitly used to cook sweet paniyaram.

Because of its feathery surface and sweet taste, youngsters love the flavor of this simple sweet paniyaram formula.

Made with fixings, for example, idli hitter, rice flour, jaggery and coconut, this south Indian conventional tidbit can be an optimal decision for getting a charge out of whenever.

This sweet paniyaram formula is simple and anybody can make it in a jiffy.

Attempt this paniyaram formula at your next kitty party, potluck, outing or game evening.

This dish can likewise be stuffed for tiffin and your children will cherish it without a doubt! Thus, snatch every one of the fixings and make this conventional sweet paniyaram formula at home.

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How to make Sweet Paniyaram

Stage 1 Prepare the sweet paniyaram player

Take a bowl and blend idli player with ground coconut, jaggery, rice flour and green cardamom powder.

Stage 2 Grease the paniyaram container

Take a paniyaram container and oil with ghee.

Stage 3 Add player to the molds

Place it over medium fire and fill 3/4 of the molds with the pre-arranged player.

Stage 4 Cook sweet paniyaram until brown on all sides

Cover with the top and cook well from both the sides till they become brown in shading.

Take out Sweet Paniyaram and serve hot!

Paul Sweet Paniyaram Recipe

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