Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal Recipe Recipe

Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal Recipe Recipe

Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal Recipe. This simple to-create Fusion formula can be ready with effectively accessible fixings, in particular, chicken, margarine, garlic, gram flour (besan) and egg. This lip-smacking nibble formula will be a moment hit among individuals of all age gatherings and can be effortlessly ready at home. Thus, you can serve this mouth-watering tidbit formula at evening gatherings or kitty gatherings and goodness, remember to stash every one of the wonderful commendations.

Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal

1 Serving
180 gm chicken
10 gm garlic
5 gm gram flour (besan)
salt as required
20 gm ground cheddar 3D shapes
30 gm spread
5 gm green stew
1 egg
1 teaspoon dark pepper.

Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal Recipe

Stage 1
To make this lip-smacking hors d’oeuvre formula, place a dish over medium fire and add spread in it. Once dissolved, add garlic into the dish and saute it well until the crude smell disappears.

Stage 2
After around 30 seconds, add the chicken and green stew in the skillet and season with salt and dark pepper powder.

Stage 3
When the chicken is part of the way through, add besan in it and cook for some time.

Stage 4
Then, put the chicken into seekh and cook for an additional 3 minutes.

Stage 5
In the interim, beat egg in a bowl and afterward add the ground cheddar. Blend well.

Stage 6
Presently, dunk the chicken in the egg-cheddar blend and cook in oven till cooked completely.

Stage 7
Once done, your Pardewaali Murgh Hawah Mahal is prepared. Serve hot with mint and nut chutney alongside spring blend.

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