Paprika Chicken Recipe

Paprika Chicken Recipe

Paprika Chicken Recipe

A simple to-create chicken recipe that you can make for your loved ones on events like kitty party and pot karma, Paprika Chicken is a fiery dish that you couldn’t want anything more than to eat.

This non-veggie lover recipe can have a few varieties and can be cooked as wanted relying upon one’s taste and decisions.

Paprika Chicken

Paprika Chicken Recipe

Cooked utilizing chicken bosom, carrot, onion, capsicum, parsley, lemon juice, and a melange of flavors like paprika, dark pepper, and garlic powder. In the event that you are a chicken sweetheart, you should attempt this dish.

Elements of Paprika Chicken

3 chicken bosoms
salt as required
1/2 squeeze dark pepper
water as required
1 teaspoon paprika
1/2 squeezes garlic powder
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
For Garnishing
10 drops lemon juice
parsley as required
For The Main Dish
1 cleaved onion
1 little slashed capsicum (green pepper)
1 cleaved carrot

Instructions to make Paprika Chicken

Stage 1

In a container, add oil and saute hacked onions, capsicums, carrots on medium fire until the onions turn clear and different vegetables are cooked appropriately. You might in fact add more vegetables to it according as you would prefer and inclinations.

Stage 2

Sprinkle paprika, salt, dark pepper, garlic powder in the vegetables and mix well with the goal that the flavors get blended similarly.

Stage 3

Presently, at long last add chicken bosoms pieces (boneless) and water to the sauteed vegetables and cook the dish on low fire for around 40-45 minutes. Mix every so often.

Stage 4

Decorate the chicken with lemon squeeze and hacked parsley, and serve hot.

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