Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie Recipe

Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie Recipe

Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie Recipe. Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie is a delectable pie recipe that will be a treat as you would prefer buds. This mainland recipe is simplified utilizing fixings which are broccoli, cauliflower, mozzarella, spread, flour, and bechamel sauce. Aside from being lip-smacking, this flavorful dish will be a solid choice for your little ones as well.

Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie Recipe

Go ahead and supplant the bechamel sauce with straightforward natively constructed white sauce, either ways this enticing recipe will taste lip-smacking. Serve this dish with toasted garlic bread and a tall glass of white wine and stay into the universe of astounding flavors.

Elements of Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie

8 Servings
2 cup broccoli
1 1/2 teaspoon ground dark pepper
2 cup bechamel sauce
1/2 cup margarine
4 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup mozzarella
1 teaspoon salt
2 cup cauliflower
1 1/4 cup flour

Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie Recipe

Instructions to make Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie

Stage 1
To set up this delectable recipe, start with taking cauliflower florets and bubbling them in a vessel. When they get delicate, remove them from the water and keep them to the side.

Stage 2
Take broccoli florets and whiten them. To really do so start with adding the broccoli florets in bubbling water and when they get delicate, promptly take them out and place them in super cold water to chill them off. Channel the virus water and save the broccoli to the side for additional use.

Stage 3
Take flour and strainer it in a bowl. Mix in spread and salt in the flour. Presently add no less than 3 tbsp of cold water and make a batter utilizing this blend.

Stage 4
Once finished, make a circle out of the mixture and put the batter in a lubed pie dish. Assuming that there is some superfluous batter emerging from the dish, go ahead and eliminate it.

Stage 5
Preheat your stove for 200 Degree Celsius for somewhere around 15 minutes. In the mean time unobtrusively press the mixture in the pie dish and prick a fork in the pie dish on numerous occasions and ensure that their are holes between the little openings. Keep this pie hull to the side.

Stage 6
Presently add the bubbled cauliflower, adjusted broccoli , bechamel sauce, salt and pepper in a bowl and blend every one of the fixings well.

Stage 7
Pour this blend on the pie outside layer , sprinkle ground mozzarella on the highest point of the pie and afterward prepare it in your preheated stove for 15 minutes at 200 Degree Celsius. Once finished, cut the pie and serve hot!

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