Paneer Chili Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Paneer Chili Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Paneer Chili Grilled Sandwich Recipe. Grilled Sandwich is a North Indian formula made with multigrain bread and paneer. Ideal to act as breakfast, it is a solid and weight reduction formula.

Paneer Chili Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Sandwich

1/2 cup cleaved paneer
1/4 cup broccoli
1/4 cup red stew sauce
4 squeezes dark pepper
1/4 cup hacked capsicum ( green pepper)
1/4 cup hacked tomato
1/4 cup Pizza sauce
6 cuts bread cuts

Stage 1
Take a cut of bread(multigrain), spread the pizza base sauce on it and sprinkle a liberal measure of paneer 3D squares.

Stage 2
Place bread over it and add cut vegetables, tomatoes, sprinkle a little stew sauce, mustard sauce and pepper, spread it equally on all sides.

Stage 3
Cover it with one more side of bread and barbecue until brown.

Stage 4
Serve hot.

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