One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe

One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe

One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe. Discuss a pie and it is plausible that you will envision a perfect pastry with products of the soil over them. Notwithstanding, here is a pie formula that is appetizing in taste however will doubtlessly cause you to fail to remember those enticing pastries. One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie is a tasty dish prepared utilizing potato, spinach, Parmesan cheddar and egg custard.

This egg custard is additionally cooked utilizing eggs, new cream and spread that has a sprinkle of nutmeg and dark pepper. On the off chance that you are one of the individuals who feel weak at the knees over savories, you ought to without a doubt take a stab at making this at home. The flavor and fragrance of this Continental formula will without a doubt make you go gaga for itself.

You can serve this flavorful pie formula on events like kitty party, potluck and game evening, and we are certain your visitors will cherish it. Decorated with tarragon strips, this pie formula is really astounding in taste and can likewise be ready for extraordinary events and celebrations. Along these lines, don’t stand by a lot and attempt this simple formula today at home for your loved ones, and appreciate.

One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe

Elements for making One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe

500 gm potato
1/2 cup parmesan cheddar
2 egg
6 twigs tarragon
nutmeg as required
250 gm spinach
1/2 tablespoon spread
100 ml new cream
1/2 teaspoon dark pepper

One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe

Instructions to make One-Pot Potato and Spinach Pie Recipe

Stage 1 Cut round cuts of potatoes
Wash potatoes in running water, strip and cut into the most slender conceivable round cuts and separation into 3 equivalent bits.

Stage 2 Blanch the spinach
Clean spinach and whiten in salted bubbling water for 30 seconds. Channel the water and revive the spinach leaves in chilled water. Then, at that point, channel and gap into equivalent segments.

Stage 3 Prepare the egg custard
Presently, mesh and separation Parmesan cheddar into 3 equivalent bits. Beat the eggs in a bowl, and afterward add cream and 2 twigs of tarragon. Sprinkle dark pepper and a touch of ground nutmeg. Speed until the fluid is homogeneous. Partition into 3 equivalent segments.

Stage 4 Preheat the broiler and organize the pie fixings
Preheat broiler at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. In the mean time, oil a pie shape with spread and organize a layer of potatoes, somewhat covering. Cover with a part of spinach leaves and pour in a piece of the egg combination and shower a part of the cheddar.

Stage 5 Bake the pie for 60 minutes
Rehash the cycle with the excess parcels and prepare in the pre-warmed stove for an hour or until the potatoes are cooked. Prick it with a cooking needle, assuming that it comes out dry, the flan is cooked. Eliminate and keep warm. Demould, cut the pie into wedges and topping with outstanding tarragons and present with a part of salad.

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