Oats Upma Recipe

Oats Upma Recipe

Oats Upma Recipe. Upma with oats is a solid breakfast formula, which assists with breaking the ordinary dullness and changes up your normal breakfast menu.

Thrown in an exceptionally light measure of oil alongside home cooked solid heartbeats, this veggie lover formula is incredibly nutritious and flavorsome.


Oats Upma Recipe

Since it is a simple formula, it doesn’t need a lot of exertion from your end.

Joined with the decency of oats, this mouth-watering dish can bend over as a nibble formula and makes certain to fill your vacant stomach.

One can serve this with some sambar or chutney and can savor this dish on events like kitty parties, potlucks, picnics or smorgasbords.

Feel free to attempt this South Indian formula in your next breakfast!

How to make Upma with Oats

Stage 1

Place a skillet with a few oil over medium fire and let it heat up.

Add cumin seeds alongside mustard seeds to the hot oil and let them snap.

Then, add the slashed red chilies along, curry leaves with chana and urad dal to this blend.

Saute it until you can smell the fragrance of curry leaves and dals become brilliant.

Stage 2

Then, pour the water alongside the oats and sprinkle some salt as per your taste.

Blend it well and let it reach boiling point.

Continue to mix it ceaselessly and cook it for quite a while.

Once done, move it to a bowl. Embellish for certain cleaved carrots and serve it hot with some sambar or chutney.

Oats Upma Recipe

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