Oats Potato Shells Recipe

Oats Potato Shells Recipe

Oats Potato Shells Recipe. Oats Potato Shells is a combination formula. Best filled in as nibble with cold refreshments, this simple to-create formula can be served on any event. Attempt this tempting formula.

Oats Potato Shells Recipe

Elements of Oats Potato Shells

4 Servings
50 gm oats
4 squeezes salt
4 bubbled potato
2 cup yogurt (curd)

2 tablespoon ground carrot
3 squeezes dark pepper
2 tablespoon cleaved capsicum ( green pepper)

Oats Potato Shells Recipe

Instructions to make Oats Potato Shells

Stage 1
Blend oats, yogurt, ground carrot, salt and pepper. Save to the side for filling.

Stage 2
Cut the bubbled potato longwise. Scoop it with a peeler, leaving 1/4″ divider all around.

Stage 3
Brush the dividers and the beyond the potatoes with plain whisked yogurt.

Stage 4
Fill the oats-yogurt combination in the scooped potato and top with some hacked capsicum. Cover the wire rack with aluminum foil.

Stage 5
Put potato shells on the foil and heat at 180°C for 20 minutes. Serve hot.

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