Oats And Protein Porridge Recipe

Oats And Protein Porridge Recipe

Oats And Protein Porridge Recipe. Searching for a morning meal formula that preferences scrumptious and is similarly nutritious as well?

Attempt this simple to-make Oats And Vegetable Porridge which is a lip-smacking formula stacked with different veggies.


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This sound formula will be incredible for your wellbeing and will ensure that you stay in the most ideal shape.

This dish is loaded up with nutrients and enemies of oxidants and will be an extraordinary dinner for your children.

Oats are wealthy in fiber and will ensure that your stomach related framework stays sound. Serve this mouth-watering formula with toasted garlic bread or some other bread of your decision.

Remember to impart this formula to your friends and family and relish its astounding flavors with them.

How to make Oats And Vegetable Porridge

Stage 1 Prepare the veggies

In any case wash and clean every one of the vegetables (onions, green chillies, cabbage, tomato, capsicum, cauliflower).

Then, at that point, utilizing a clean cleaving load up, hack them independently.

Keep them to the side until required once more.

Stage 2 Saute onion garlic

Put a non-stick container on medium fire and add refined oil to it. Add onions followed by garlic and green chillies. Saute briefly or thereabouts.

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Stage 3 Cook for a couple of moments

After that add the excess vegetables to the container and cook for 2 minutes. Mix in oats and saute briefly.

To this pre-arranged combination add water followed by salt and pepper. Blend well and cook the combination for 2 minutes.

Stage 4 Ready to be served

At last, add cleaved coriander and lemon juice to the oats blend. Blend well utilizing a spoon. Serve new and hot!

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