Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe

Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe

Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe. Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh is a simple North Indian nibble formula. These fresh and delightful kebab balls are not difficult to make and can be an ideal nibble formula for evening tea and can be attempted as a kitty party formula also. This totally delightful hors d’oeuvre formula is a record-breaking victor and could be given a shot as a commemoration formula, pot karma formula, and kitty party formula.

Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe

Have a go at making this luxurious dish at home over the course of the end of the week and watch everybody value your culinary abilities. You can serve this dish with mint chutney or ketchup to your friends and family on extraordinary events.

Elements for making Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe

100 gm almonds
4 hacked green stew
10 gm slashed garlic
gm salt
50 gm curds
2 gm mace powder
50 ml vegetable oil
300 gm lotus stem

5 gm slashed ginger
50 gm gram flour (besan)
100 gm bubbled potato
3 gm powdered green cardamom
50 gm slashed onion
20 gm khoya

Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Nadru aur Almond ki Seekh Recipe

Stage 1
To set up this formula, take lotus stem, clean them under running water and afterward blance and cut into flimsy cut. Presently take a dish and put it over the medium fire. Add whitened lotus stem to it and sear. Presently move it into a blender and mix into a fine glue.

Stage 2
Presently, take a bowl and add ground curds, bubbled potato and all the ingridients together. Add lotus stem glue and blend them well.

Stage 3
Partition the combination in the equivalent extent and make little lemon-sized balls. Presently, press the balls and make into level kebab. Then, at that point, top the kebabs with slashed almonds.

Stage 4
Presently take a dish and put it over high fire. Add oil in the dish and when the oil is adequately hot, profound fry the kebabs till they become brown and serve hot with mint chutney.Tip: a similar blend could be utilized to make stuffed nadrukishikhampur kebab, simply stuff them with prepared hung yogurt.

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