My significant other contrasts me and her ex

My significant other contrasts me and her ex

My significant other contrasts me and her ex. significant, Question: I have been hitched for quite a long time and soon after 90 days of marriage, I observed that my better half had an intense relationship with her beau before marriage. They had an actual relationship to be exact. I have a place with an extremely safe family and such things are unsuitable in our loved ones.


Yet, what truly hurt me more than anything else was I made this revelation when my significant other was conversing with her ex and tended to him as “bhaiyya”. I developed dubious when she was wondering whether or not to discuss front of me and I heard her telling the individual on the other line not to call her once more. Whenever I asked her what its identity was, she admitted that it was her ex. Also, later she informed me everything about her past.

My significant other contrasts me and her ex

I was even prepared to neglect and excuse her when she said that the justification for why she decided to wed me was my cool and quiet nature. “I had dismissed you when I saw your photograph. In any case, in the wake of meeting you my perspective changed.” After that episode, she began getting successive calls from her ex. At some point, I flew off the handle and told her that I would thump him. She recently grinned and said, “No, you can’t. He works in CRPF and is an exceptionally tall and tough individual.” Here I really want to explain that I am a short and meager individual.

Along these lines, such examinations truly hurt me. My significant other frequently passes remarks about her previous existence and I get this feeling that she considers me a powerless and uncouth individual. I’m actually quite discouraged. Kindly let me know how would it be advisable for me to respond? – By Anonymous

Reaction by Kamna Chhibber: The bedrock of a decent, sound connection between two people is the correspondence that describes it. The present circumstance features the need to observe mediums through which you can convey the misery you are encountering to your significant other.

It would should be done in a manner that isn’t excessively basic yet takes into consideration a trade of points of view and basically is coordinated towards featuring your sentiments and how an adjustment of her correspondence designs with you would effectively fortify the connection between both of you. You would feel reluctant as this can appear to be conflictual or even forceful.

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