Break up with my over-possessive boyfriend

Break up with my over-possessive boyfriend

Break up with my over-possessive boyfriend. Would it be advisable for me to say a final farewell to my over-possessive and requesting sweetheart?
Question: I truly need some counsel. I’m going to pieces. over-possessive, If it’s not too much trouble, help since I have nobody to converse with. I have been involved with my beau for oneself and a half years. At first, everything was continuing great yet his way of behaving began changing and he turned out to be exceptionally requesting.


He continues to intrude on my arrangements with my family and requests my consideration 24X7. During the initial three or four months, I could bear his fits yet I can’t do that any longer. I began to get aggravated in light of the fact that at whatever point I am with my family, he would lash out and quit conversing with me. I continue to change my arrangement with my loved ones simply because of him. Whenever I could never again take his requesting nature, I let him know that I would separation with him.

Break up with my over-possessive boyfriend

He then looked for my pardoning and asked me not to do as such. He said that he would give me more space and we finished nearly 12 months of our relationship haggling every one of these and attempting to track down an equilibrium. Yet, later, I understood he can’t change his temperament. I had no different choices except for to part ways with him. Presently the issue is, he is by all accounts truly hurt and continues to beseech me to get back to him.

I love him and can’t see him hurt. And yet, I can’t endure his over-possessive and requesting nature. How would it be a good idea for me to respond? – By Anonymous
Reaction by Kamna Chhibber: Change is difficult and requires industrious and steady work and exertion. This should be done at the two closures.

That being said your circumstance is absolutely interesting and your accomplice shows verifiable trouble at being separated from you. It should be concluded whether you will furnish him with one more opportunity to attempt to check whether he can really achieve an adjustment of his methodology.

You would likewise have to consider talking about unambiguous limits and perspectives that are basic to your choice so he can likewise be clear in the thing your assumptions will resemble from him. Simultaneously considering he searches you out much more than you do it would be vital to attempt to calculate an approach to working with one another so his necessities to are dealt with in a fair manner.

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