Morning-After Pills – Are They Safe?

Morning-After Pills – Are They Safe?

Morning-After Pills – Are They Safe? A next day contraceptive or a crisis prophylactic is a kind of conception prevention that is endorsed when a lady has unprotected sex to forestall pregnancy. Youths have unprotected sex and pop these pills aimlessly without understanding that they don’t safeguard one from sexually transmitted diseases.

Morning-After Pills - Are They Safe?

These next day contraceptives typically contain Levonorgestrel, an engineered type of Progesterone, which works by repressing ovulation and consequently forestalling preparation. It might play ruin with your regular hormonal levels whenever taken oftentimes. Our master Dr Smaller than expected Nampoothiri responds to a portion of the regularly posed inquiries about the pill:

What is a Next day contraceptive?

Dr Smaller than normal Nampoothiri: Next day contraceptives are crisis contraceptives that we suggest when somebody has had unprotected sex, after circumstances, for example, condom tear or in desperate conditions like an assault. Despite the fact that it is a genuinely straightforward approach to forestalling a pregnancy, it ought not be utilized as a technique for standard contraception. It is in every case better to safeguard yourself with condoms or other anti-conception medication strategies consistently.

Morning-After Pills – Are They Safe?

When should the pill be taken?

Dr Small Nampoothiri: It ought to be taken inside 72 hrs of unprotected sex. The prior, the better.

Speedy tips:

On the off chance that you are in a monogamous relationship, request that your gynecologist put you on a course of customary preventative pills.
On the off chance that you are in a circumstance where you have not taken your preventative pill, ensure your accomplice has a current condom. Recollect no condom, no sex!
On the off chance that a condom tear happens, do take a crisis preventative. Later on, sort out why the condom tore and get ready in like manner.

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