Mittha Recipe

Mittha Recipe

Mittha Recipe

Mittha is a sweet saffron rice dish starting from the northern province of Himachal Pradesh this dish is genuinely a Pahari treasure. Ready by layering rice combination with seared raisins and cashew nuts, finished off with sugar and saffron milk, this stand-out recipe is too difficult to even think about standing up to.

What makes this dish not quite the same as some other is the blend of dry natural products with sugar and saffron milk. Assuming mountains are your reason for living and that outing to a slope station is extremely past due, set up this dish to carry the valid taste of mountains to you.


Mittha Recipe

This dish is cooked in extraordinary flavors and is exceptionally created to be cooked gradually with the goal that the nourishment in the fixings stay in one piece. Set up this tasty recipe at your next kitty party, potluck and smorgasbord to intrigue your visitors with your uncommon culinary abilities. Mittha Recipe

On the off chance that you are an admirer of world cooking styles and like to embrace variety, you would have zero desire to pass up this dish. You can set up this dish a night prior and convey it for lunch the following day to partake in the sweet joy with your work companions.

With an overwhelming fragrance and magnificent surface, this dish is a joy for taste buds as well as the feelings of sight and smell. Follow the method given to set up this flavorful recipe and enjoy its magnificent taste with your loved ones.

Elements of Mittha

2 cup rice

1/2 teaspoon saffron

4 tablespoon raisins

6 green cardamom

4 tablespoon margarine

water as required

1/2 cup milk

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoon cashews

1 inches cinnamon

5 clove

Step by step instructions to make Mittha

Stage 1 Boil rice blend and absorb saffron warm water

To start setting up this tempting recipe first, absorb rice a bowl for 10 minutes. Then, in a pot add water, depleted rice, cardamon, clove, cinnamon and carry the blend to bubble. Cook for around 5-8 minutes. Additionally, douse saffron strands in warm milk.

Stage 2 Saute cashews, raisins and sugar

Presently, in a container heat oil and add raisins and saute for 2-3 minutes. Save to the side for additional utilization. In a similar container with warmed oil add cashew nuts. Saute cashew for 2-3 minutes and once done, keep to the side. Also, saute sugar in the skillet and blend it in with the rice combination.

Stage 3 Layer a pot with every one of the pre-arranged blends and cook covered

Then, take a profound pot (ideally biryani pot) and oil the dividers with margarine. In this pot add a layer of rice combination, trailed by a layer of cooked cashews and raisins, beat by a layer of sugar and get done with a piece of saffron milk.

Rehash a similar method to continue to layer the vessel and close the top tight. Gradually cook the pot for 20 minutes on low fire. Remove the oven and serve hot.

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