Meetha Pooda Recipe

Meetha Pooda Recipe

Meetha Pooda Recipe. With storm season round the corner, here is the exemplary Punjabi dish that you can plan and relish while it is showering outside.

Meetha Pooda Recipe

Assuming that you end up knowing any Punjabi, you would have certainly known about meetha pooda or meetha chilla arranged on exceptional events and celebrations. Delighted in as a sweet for the most part, Punjabis treat this dish as their morning meal in the summers and winters the same.

Meetha Pooda is such a flexible dish that you can appreciate it as a nibble too. Cooked utilizing entire wheat flour, fennel seeds, sugar, and ghee; this is one of those stomach-filling and nutritious recipes that you can make for your friends and family effectively at home. You can likewise pack this meetha chilla recipe for your children’s tiffin and they will likewise appreciate it without a doubt! Likewise, you can make this simple recipe on pot karma, outing and even kitty party, it will be a moment hit with your visitors!

Elements of Meetha Pooda

4 Servings
2 cup wholemeal flour
2 teaspoon fennel seeds
6 tablespoon ghee
sugar as required
2 squeeze salt
water as required
For Garnishing
6 hacked almonds

Meetha Pooda Recipe

The most effective method to make Meetha Pooda

Stage 1 Prepare the hitter
To make this meetha pooda recipe, take a bowl and filter the entire wheat or wholemeal flour in it. Add sugar, fennel seeds and salt. Then, add water according to the need and make a meager player until the sugar is broken up totally.

Stage 2 Make the poodas
Presently, heat a little ghee in a non-stick dish on medium fire and pour a ladleful of the flour player and spread it somewhat. Cook on one side until the base is brilliant brown and flip it to cook the opposite side also. Essentially, cook other poodas also with the excess player.

Stage 3 Ready to be served
When all the poodas are cooked, move a pooda to a plate and embellishment with slashed almonds and appreciate! (Note: You can likewise decorate with your selection of nuts)

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