Dosa Recipe

Dosa Recipe

Dosa Recipe

Well known for its assortment of flavors utilized in various food sources, every one of the recipes of southern cooking are especially delectable. Of the multitude of dishes, dosa is something that we as a whole love to have.

Dosa Recipe

Dosa Recipe

Throughout the long term a few varieties of dosa have come, notwithstanding, in the event that you are somebody who appreciates genuine flavors, you ought to attempt this simple recipe! Cooked utilizing urad dal, idli rice and fenugreek seeds, this is a simple to-make dosa recipe that you can unquestionably attempt when visitors are coming over.

This South Indian recipe is firm and crunchy and is best delighted in with a flavourful sambar and coconut chutney. Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Attempt this tasty dosa recipe and appreciate with your friends and family!

Elements of Dosa

2 cup idli rice
1 cup urad dal
2 cup water
1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon refined oil

The most effective method to make Dosa

Stage 1

To set up this dosa recipe, wash idli rice and urad dal in water 3-4 times. Whenever you are finished with washing, splash them independently for 4-5 hours. Then, splash fenugreek with urad dal.

When the dal and rice are doused, grind urad dal first in a blender container, trailed by rice to a fine glue. Add water while crushing, as required. The player ought to be of flapjack consistency, let the hitter mature for the time being.

Stage 2

Heat a level skillet or a griddle over medium fire, oil it with a few oil and utilizing a spoon empty the hitter into the dish and spread to cover the whole container. Sprinkle a little oil in the skillet once more and cook for about a moment. With a spatula overlay the fresh dosa and move to a platter.

Stage 3

Rehash with the remainder of the hitter to make all the more such dosas. Serve hot with sambar and coconut chutney.

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