Masala Pumpkin Sabji Recipe

Masala Pumpkin Sabji Recipe

Masala Pumpkin Sabji Recipe. Sabji is a North Indian recipe.

This simple to make recipe is best presented with chapati, naan or rice.

Masala Pumpkin

Masala Pumpkin Sabji Recipe

Adored by individuals of all age gatherings, this is an optimal lunch/supper recipe.

How to make Pumpkin Sabji

Stage 1

Absorb the dark gram water for more than two hours.

In a kadhai, heat oil and give preparing of sound leaf, red stew and blend of methi, fennel, cumin, kala jeera, mustard.

Stage 2

Add potato and dark gram saute in low fire for five minutes. Sprinkle water if necessary.

Add cumin powder glue and broil briefly.

Stage 3

Add ginger, red stew powder, turmeric, salt and blend.

Keep broiling for three-four minutes.

Stage 4

Cover and permit to deliver water. Add ground coconut.

Then, add water just to guarantee that the potato will be cooked and a little water will be left toward the end.

Stage 5

Add water and bubble in the event that potato or pumpkin isn’t finished.

It will have some sauce and pumpkin will be delicate.

Stage 6

Add one tsp or more sugar, change salt. Add ghee and cooked jeera powder, blend and cover.

Masala Pumpkin Sabji Recipe

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