Mango Oats Pudding Recipe

Mango Oats Pudding Recipe

Mango Oats Pudding Recipe. Mango Oats Pudding is a simple treat recipe that you can plan for your friends and family. This sweet recipe will be enjoyed by children and grown-ups the same. You can attempt this pudding recipe for kitty gatherings and pot karma parties moreover.

Mango Oats Pudding Recipe

Elements of Mango Oats Pudding

4 Servings
50 gm spread
1 cup pureed mango
1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon earthy colored sugar
75 gm caster sugar
1 cup broiled oats
1 cup bread pieces
1/2 teaspoon powdered star anise

Mango Oats Pudding Recipe

The most effective method to make Mango Oats Pudding

Stage 1
Beat spread with sugar till fleecy and afterward add star anise powder, beat once more.

Stage 2
In this blend, add pureed mango and blend well. Presently add broiled oats in a similar bowl.

Stage 3
Sprinkle baking powder in the combination and add new bread pieces. Beat again every one of the fixings to blend well.

Stage 4
Spread this blend on a lubed 8-inch dish. Sprinkle earthy colored sugar on the dish and microwave for around 4 minutes without covering. Give 5 minutes of standing time.

Stage 5
Serve warm or cold finished off with cleaved mango and your selection of fixings. Appreciate!

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