Lobster Rice Recipe

Lobster Rice Recipe

Lobster Rice Recipe

What about a scrumptious rice recipe to satisfy your taste buds? Lobster Rice is an extravagant recipe that you can make whenever with only a couple of fixings, so right away wear your gourmet specialist’s cap and cook this astonishing enjoyment.

When you get into the cycle and have the last dish in your grasp, you won’t actually understand that under 30 minutes, you cooked something so delightful with such negligible fixings.

Lobster Rice

Lobster Rice Recipe

All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Get every one of the fixings and begin cooking the most astounding rice dish of all time. To start, follow this bit by bit recipe underneath. Also, you can match this simple recipe with your decision of side dish or becverage and enjoy the gpdness!

Elements of Lobster Rice

200 gm lobster

2 tablespoon garlic

2 tablespoon ginger

1/2 cup corn

1 modest bunch peas

1/2 cup leek

salt as required

1 capsicum (green pepper)

2 tablespoon sesame oil

5 eggs-brown

3 cup rice

2 onion

1 cup carrot

5 branches parsley

bean stew drops as required

Instructions to make Lobster Rice

Cook the rice and devein the lobster

Prior to this progression, absorb the rice water for around 30 minutes. Presently heat up the rice or steam them and save to the side for additional utilization.

After you steam the rice, clean and devein the lobster. Then take a dish over medium fire and add a few spread and cleaved onion and garlic alongside lobsters and salt. Saute till lobster is cooked.

Scramble the eggs

Take a few oil in a huge dish or wok and add outsmarted eggs. Blend until they scramble and take them out on a plate.

Saute the vegetables

Add some more oil in similar skillet and saute the garlic until they start to change tone. Presently add every one of the hacked veggies to it alongside salt and saute them for about a moment.

Add the rice, join and serve!

Presently add your steamed rice over these vegetables and add the sauces alongside the lobster. Allow this to sit for around 40 seconds and presently blend them well until consolidated.

Serve hot, decorated with little lobster pieces and coms spring onion greens.

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