Lehsuni Tikki Recipe

Lehsuni Tikki Recipe

Lehsuni Tikki Recipe. Lehsuni Tikki is an intriguing new nibble formula which can be handily ready at home. This formula, that has a place with the North Indian cooking, is made with heaps of garlic drops, curds blocks and pureed potatoes which are treasured by a few road food sweethearts across the world. It tends to be presented with green chutney, ketchup or some other plunge of your decision.

Lehsuni Tikki Recipe

Onions and cashews are squashed to shape a glue which is blended alongside the mixture of the tikki. Thus, right away, make a glance at the strides referenced here and try this formula out. You can likewise get your companions this delightful nibble on an event fitting your personal preference.

Fixings required for making Lehsuni Tikki Recipe

4 medium potato
refined oil as required
1 medium onion
1 tablespoon coriander leaves
salt as required
7 cashews

1 cup garlic drops
1 tablespoon red bean stew powder
For The Main Dish
1 cup curds

Lehsuni Tikki Recipe

Instructions to make Lehsuni Tikki Recipe

Stage 1
Bubble and crush the potatoes. Add salt to taste and ply them to make smooth mixture. Structure round parts and save it to the side for some time.

Stage 2
Then, at that point, finely cut the onions and garlic and hack the coriander leaves. Keep them in a bowl.

Stage 3
Pulverize cashew nuts and blend them well with the cut onions, garlic, coriander leaves, red bean stew powder and salt. Grind curds in a bowl and add it to the combination recently made.

Stage 4
Stuff each piece of pounded potato with a part of the combination in the bowl. Carry it out and shape into round structure with some thickness.

Stage 5
Take a kadai and add a tablespoon of oil to it. Profound fry the tikkis till they become brilliant brown.

Stage 6
Take out the tikkis and put them on a paper to get rid of the abundance oil. Serve them hot with ketchup or mint chutney.

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