How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps

How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps

How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps.I love discussing food with Baba. The Man knows his food and mainly Bengali food. It become the day of Dashami, my father was at my area. We both had been discussing the history of Sondesh even as planning for the necessary candy buy and candy making at home for Doshomi.

One sweet that we both had been remembering become Monohara and probable we had been remembering Bultu Jethu as properly! Our dialogue then accompanied by making Monohara at domestic and sooner or later this blogpost .

Monohara Recipe
I were making candy for Doshomi on the grounds that last few years and this has started while we used to live in Gurgaon. Probably the unavailability of traditional Bengali delicacies become the purpose I started out making Misti at home. We though have shifted our base to Kolkata in 2015 however I by no means stopped making candy at domestic. This 12 months. As I cited I made Janai-er Monohara. +

A rare gem of a sweet I had tasted years lower back thanks to a far off relative of mine. “Monohara” it’s far a famous candy from Janai, a small township in Hoogly district.

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When I told Baba that I changed into making plans to make Monohara he requested: “are you remembering Bultu Jethu expensive?”. I smiled and spoke back, “who else but Bultu Jethu! After all, he added me to this candy Baba, do not you don’t forget!” Dad laughed and replied, “not handiest to you but everybody from our north Calcutta house had been added to this Misti by way of Bultu da”.

Then Dad requested “do you recall how you used to hate him! He become an exceptional teacher Dolon but you in no way liked him and this is why your English is horrible!” “k, you do not want to strike a cord in me that episode dad! He became like a monster however I cannot say that approximately Monohara for certain! ” I replied!

debjanir Rannaghar
We nonetheless have a joint circle of relatives at our North Calcutta house. Back within the 50s and 60s (when I turned into now not even born), in fact, dad turned into in his teens, numerous remote spouse and children used to live at our region. They had been now not usually from Kolkata however used to paintings inside the town. This machine, in reality, was quite famous inside the vintage houses in Kolkata to assist the remote relatives. At instances I pass over that appeal!

How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps
How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps

How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps

Janai er monohara
Bultu Jethu become my father’s 3rd cousin and turned into running for a Kolkata primarily based company. He was initially from Janai, and he introduced Janai’s well-known Monohara to our circle of relatives. In fact, I had it nearly each year till mid-2000.

Bultu Jethu used to deliver a massive field full of Monohara after Doshomi each year. Simple flavor, mild scent of Cardamom, a crunchy Sugary outer-crust and loaded with Chana, Monohara is divine but one-of-a-kind from ordinary Sondesh! After that, I shifted my base for better take a look at observed via Job and Marriage and Bultu Jethu additionally died in late 2012 as nicely. Bultu Jethu become a bachelor and certainly, after him, our hyperlink with Janai broken and so became with Monohara.

I actually forgot the sweet absolutely until some months lower back. I found a Bengali Book on “Sondesh” named, “Sondeshnama” with my pal Rukshana and she or he become type enough to give it to me! It became Sondeshnama that jogged my memory the thick Sugar-covered Sondesh, Monohara from Janai. The e-book for that count is an extraordinary gem and it turned into indeed a pleasing read.


Perfect Monohara
I became, in fact planning to make Monohara for the month but I turned into no longer sure with the recipe! No e-book or net seek had helped me a far.

I observed a recipe with coconut however as a ways as I remember the Monohara Bultu Jethu used to deliver became organized with Chana! I ultimately decided to as my “Sobjanta” father to help me out. He told me Monohara is characterized with the aid of the outer Sugar quoting however no longer the stuffing inside.

Bengali Sondesh
One can blend Coconut with Chana however that isn’t always mandatory. In reality, Baba told me about the hyperlink of Monohara with the family of Raja Kaliparashad Mukhopadhyay from Janai as properly. I found the equal tale has been referred by way of Wikipedia too.

Monohora came into existence throughout the late British length. Almost just like a typical Sondesh prepared with Chana, this candy is coated with thick Sugar paste/ Syrup. It became said that a “Moira” coated a few Sondesh with sugar Syrup to offer the Sondesh greater self-life.

The details are validated by way of my pal Sharmishtha Cheema who is the descendant of the Janai Rajbari and she also informed that the Moira who made Manohara first shifted to Kolkata and his descendants began a sweet shop which is none apart from mythical Bhim Chandra Nag!

If we Translate, “Monohara” way some thing that is stunning or pleasing. Keeping the natural beauty in thoughts in addition to the Monohara I tasted years returned, I determined to maintain the recipe easy.

Monohara Recipe
janai-er monohara (মনোহরা), hoogly districts famous sondesh! Candy reminiscence revisited!
Author: Debjani Chatterjee Alam Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes Yield: 20 Manohara 1x Diet: Vegetarian

Monohara is a Bengali Sondesh initially from a small town Janai, Hoogly. Simple taste, mild odor of Cardamom, a crunchy Sugar covered outer crust and loaded with Chana, Monohara is divine.

How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps
How to Prepare Monohara in simple steps

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 1 hour


500g Chana ( I have used regionally available Chana)
500ml Milk (with cream)
250g Mawa/ Khoya
100g Sugar (to make the stuffing)
100g Sugar (for thick Syrup/ Sugar Paste)
¼ Tsp. Green Cardamom Powder
2 Whole Green Cardamom


Take Chana* over a Cheesecloth and tie the ends of the fabric.
Put a few weight over the Chana to do away with the water content material for 20 minutes.
In the period in-between, start boiling the Milk to reduce to thicken it.
Cook in low flame for 20 mins and stir in between.
You gets around 4 Tbsp. Of thickened Malai after the cooking is executed.
Grate the Mawa.

Now take Chana, grated Mawa and Malai in a bowl and add Cardamom Powder and blend the use of your hand to make a lump-loose paste.
Heat a pan on medium flame and pour the paste together with the Sugar and start cooking.
Stir continuously for 5-6 mins and cook in low flame until the Sondesh leaves the rims of the pan.
Switch the flame off and take out the Sondesh in a bowl.

Once the combination cooled down completely make 2″ size balls* the usage of your hands.
Now take the Sugar saved for thick Syrup in a pan and upload 5 Tbsp. Of water simply to cover the sugar.
Add 2 Green Cardamoms.
Keep melting the sugar in excessive flame.
Stir constantly using a spatula; this could help crystal formation.

Keep boiling until the syrup thickens; a consistency of 3 strings is good.
Take the Syrup out in a bowl and go away it for five minutes to calm down a bit.
Cover the Sondesh with Sugar syrup; use a spoon for this step.
Place Manohara on a plate and wait until the sugar thickens and form a crunchy layer over the Sondesh.
Serve Monohara once the Sondesh set absolutely.Monohara may be stored within the fridge for 2-3 days in an air-tight field.

I am to be had with right high-quality Chana in Kolkata and for this reason used that. In case you aren’t to be had with the same, check this for the recipe of Chana.
The Monohara I had, was with none special decoration and had been easy ball like and I preserve that length and feature not opted for any decoration.

Category: Dessert
Method: Cooking
Cuisine: Bengali

Serving Size: 50gCalories: 119Sugar: sixteen.2gSodium: 183mgFat: 2.3gSaturated Fat: 1.4gCarbohydrates: 17.2gFiber: 0gProtein: 7.9gCholesterol: 10mg


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