Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream

Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream

Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream,.Eggless Mango Cake recipe, where sponge cake is layered with mango puree and whipped cream, is without a doubt mangolicious with the heavenly flavor of mangoes in every chew.

An easy and healthy mango cake made using entire wheat flour and jaggery but still produces remarkable consequences with minimal effort.

If Mango Sunshine cake is a teatime cake perfect to have a good time the season of mangoes then this Mango Cream Cake is great for unique celebrations like birthdays or Anniversaries.

Fresh Mango Cake Recipe
I can’t accept as true with that this is my 4th cake the use of mangoes! This year, I attempted Mango Cheesecake too and just were given hooked to it. Made it 4 times on this season and there’s a excessive probability that I will make it at least all over again earlier than mangoes bid good-bye.

If you are seeking out some easy mango recipes then try those fireless recipes:

Mango Cake At My Place
When your hubby’s birthday falls in the season of mangoes you then don’t want some other cause to try out this mangolicious mango cake. Yes, its the identical date each 12 months, but typically I made chocolate cake simplest as my sons might choose that only. But as they’ve grown up now, the scene has modified absolutely and I strive different flavours too.

Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream
Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream

Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream

Last yr, seeing my husband’s taste for Paan (betel leaf with lime, liquorice and so on) I made Paan Cake wherein I used sparkling Paan offered from a Paan dealer. And this yr, this Mango cake!

This cake though turned into made using undeniable sponge cake however turned into layered with mango puree, mango portions and whipped cream which made all the difference..

How to Make Mango Cake At Home
For making this mango cake, I used simple sponge cake as the base. Though the basic recipe remained the same but I used jaggery powder as opposed to sugar and also ignored cornflour and vanilla essence. If you are following my recipes you then ought to be aware that I am now not a large fan of vanilla essence and often avoid it, especially in fruit-primarily based cakes to have the actual flavour of fruits, like in Orange Blueberry Cake.

Then, I baked this cake in microwave convection at 170 ranges for half-hour.
Once the bottom cake were given geared up, I cooled it absolutely before frosting it. Normally, I bake the cake the previous day and do frosting on the next day but as this time I did the whole thing on the same day, so, after the cake changed into at room temperature, I saved it in the freezer for half an hour.

During this time I did other preparations like reducing mangoes, making mango puree and whipping the cream.
When the cake cooled down then, I divided it into 3 elements. First, I brushed water on all three layers in order that they stay moist. And then unfold mango puree, whipped cream and mango portions on every layer and therefore assembled the cake.
Mango Cake Images

Step By Step Recipe
A. Baking Sponge Cake
Grease a 6” spherical cake pan and hold it inside the freezer, at least for 15 minutes. Doing this may assist you in getting crack unfastened desserts.
Tip: When we use a frozen cake pan the walls of the cake do no longer warmness up fast which thereby avoids cracking the cake.

Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream
Eggless Wheat Mango Cake With Homemade Cream

Sift whole wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt as a minimum eight to 10 times or simply maintain sifting for flat three minutes.
Mango Cream Cake Method

In a grinder jar, take jaggery powder, curd and oil. Blend it till easy.
Mango Cream Cake Method

Take out the jaggery combination in a bowl and upload sifted flour in it in 2 or 3 batches. Mixing lightly after every addition.
Tip: To make it Mango Sponge cake, you may add fresh mango pieces or 1/four cup mango puree at this degree

Mango Cream Cake Method

Adjust consistency by using adding milk. The consistency should be like that of falling ribbon, neither too thick nor too thin.
Sponge Cake batter

Once the cake batter is ready, maintain it aside for 10 mins.
Start preheating microwave convection oven at a hundred and seventy tiers. If using an Otg or pressure cooker then read the instructions given on the quit.
Take out the chilled baking pan from the freezer.
Add lemon juice in the batter, mix gently and pour it within the frozen baking pan.
Bake for half-hour or till the skewer inserted comes out easy.
Plain Sponge Cake

After eight to 10 mins, loosen the edges with a knife and invert it on a wire rack/mesh.
Let it cool absolutely.
Plain sponge Cake with flat pinnacle

When cooled then switch it to the refrigerator in an hermetic container as a minimum for two hours. Or positioned it inside the freezer for half of an hour.
B. Whip Cream
Transfer the frozen whipped cream from the freezer to the refrigerator an afternoon before in order that it comes to liquid nation.
Keep the whipping blades and a metal bowl inside the freezer for few hours or as a minimum 15 mins.
Put whipping cream in the chilled bowl.
Heavy Whipping Cream

Whip till stiff peaks are formed. Use an ice bath for higher effects, means the chilled bowl in a bowl full of ice cubes. I certainly maintain it on an ice-tray.
How to make Whipped Cream

C. Make Mango Puree
Chop mangoes. Reserve about 1/2 cup chopped mangoes for filling in the cake and puree relaxation.
Add Boora sugar in the puree, if need be. That depends upon the beauty of mangoes.
D. Assembly
Take out the cake. Divide it into 3 elements the use of a thread.
For this make light cuts with a knife on one aspect of the cake, insert a long thread into it and pull the thread towards you. You could be amazed to see a beautiful sliced cake. See the picture under for reference.
Eggless Cake

Similarly, divide the ultimate component into 2 halves.
Thus you have three identical discs of cake.
Mango cake icing method

Take the cake board, placed little whipped cream on it. This is positioned in order that cake does now not circulate from its region.
Place one layer of the cake. Drizzle sweetened water on all of the three discs of cake. This is carried out so that the cake stays moist.
Spread mango puree on the lowest layer.
Mango Cake Decoration

Cover it with a layer of whipped cream.
Mango Cake Decoration

Sprinkle mango portions all over. Keep the mango pieces barely large so you can enjoy those at the same time as consuming cake.
Mango Cake Decoration

Cover it with any other layer of cake.
Mango Cake Decoration

Repeat the layering of mango puree, whipped cream and mango pieces.
Put the third layer.
Cover it with whipped cream. You will not get smooth edges at this degree. Once carried out keep it inside the fridge for half an hour or so.
Icing on Mango Cake

Take out, again practice the second coating of whipped cream.
Mango Cake Decoration

I then included the pinnacle with mango puree and made some swirls the usage of a piping bag. You may also enhance it in something manner you want.
Offer it to the birthday boy/female and enjoy.


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