How To Make Palak Namak Pare Recipe

How To Make Palak Namak Pare Recipe

How To Make Palak Namak Pare Recipe

Palak Namak Pare is a delectable and solid nibble recipe. No Indian festival is finished without this simple nibble recipe. This simple and fast recipe can be ready at home without financial planning a lot of time and exertion.

You simply need a couple of fixings like regular flour, oil, salt, spinach, cumin seeds, and so on to set up this simple recipe. This conventional nibble recipe is an ideal nibble to serve on celebrations and exceptional events.

Palak Namak Pare

How To Make Palak Namak Pare Recipe

Adding spinach to this recipe is giving it a solid bend. Spinach is wealthy in iron, magnesium and calcium which makes this recipe a sound bite. To create it more sound you can heat it as opposed to profound broiling it in oil. Charm, your friends and family with your uncommon culinary abilities and we bet they will give you acclaim.

Elements of Palak Namak Pare

400 gm regular baking flour
100 gm gram flour (besan)
1 cup refined oil
1/4 teaspoon red bean stew powder
salt as required
1/2 teaspoon chaat masala
1/2 cup pureed spinach
2 tablespoon semolina
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1/4 teaspoon dark pepper
1/2 teaspoon nigella seeds

Instructions to make Palak Namak Pare

Stage 1

For making fresh Spinach Namak Pare, take maida in a major bowl and add gram flour, semolina, cumin seeds, nigella seeds(kalonji), red cold powder, salt and 2 tablespoon oil to it and blend every one of the fixings well alongside spinach puree. Presently, manipulate it into a hard batter for making pooris.

Stage 2

Cover the mixture and save to the side for 10-15 minutes to set. Ply the batter again following 15 minutes. Make little wads of the mixture and roll them into medium measured chapatis. Cut the chapatis into little precious stone shapes and keep them to the side.

Stage 3

Heat oil in a skillet over medium fire. Broil the namak paras till they become brilliant. Eliminate and deplete overabundance oil and sprinkle some chaat masala to improve the taste. Act as a nibble with some tea and appreciate with your friends and family.

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